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In Toon With Walt: We have a winner!

Wow! When it comes to politics you folks really get it! With over 180 entries, I believe these were some of the best punch lines we’ve seen since we started this contest. Short, punchy, witty, clever and Fuuuuuuny! This time, there were several clever, mini song parodies as well as jokes about BP money, mud… Continue reading →

In Toon with Walt contest: Politics! Politics! Politics!

If you thought football was hard-hitting, strap on your helmets because THIS political season is gonna be a doozy! This time the Cartoon Caption Contest shows a dump truck full of cold cash headed our way. What’s going on? You tell me! Keep it clean. Be creative. Be witty. Be wacky. Avoid the obvious and most importantly… Continue reading →

In Toon With Walt

Well...This latest cartoon caption contest proved something I already knew--- Louisiana LOVES football. We had over 250 entries this time and they were quite clever and funny! From broken windows to broken kickers your punchlines were all over the map. You folks came ready to play so let me stop fumbling around and get to the winner and… Continue reading →

In Toon With Walt contest winner for July 21, 2014

You folks really outdid yourselves this time! (Cue the soundtrack from “Jaws”) We received over 200 entries many of them with funny punchlines about lawyers--- some of them from lawyers themselves! You also emailed lots of politician shark jokes---NONE of them from politicians themselves... Go figure! The winner and honorable mentions had some serious competition. They are… Continue reading →