Street Breads delivers with speed and flavor

Perkins Road eatery’s bread pudding not to be missed

I’m a sucker for a place that delivers, especially to my office. Any meal that doesn’t have me getting out in Baton Rouge traffic will surely be a good one.

Street Breads delivers a range of salads, sandwiches and pizzas that should cover any hungry bunch of office workers. Our nine-person order arrived almost surprisingly promptly, and though there were a few hiccups, stuffed a newsroom full of hungry writers and editors to the gills.

A popular order in our group was the Deep South pork and slaw sandwich ($6.50) with pulled pork, cheddar cheese, Cajun remoulade sauce and street slaw on rustic club bread. The dense bread was fresh and contained the saucy sandwich, while the mild flavors of the pork gave way to the sweet, tangy slaw and spicy remoulade. The cheese was called both “imperceptible” and “unwelcome,” so consider ordering it without.

The NOLA sandwich ($6.50) featured shrimp, Cajun remoulade, romaine lettuce and tomatoes on the rustic club bread and was a hit, as was the Cuban ham (pulled pork, ham, pepper Jack cheese, salsa verde, jalapeños and pickles on rustic club bread, $6.50) and the Argentinian Sierra beef sandwich (roast beef, pepper Jack cheese, spinach, red onion, chimichurri and Texas caviar on rustic club bread, $6.50). The Uptown New Orleans ($6.50) featured a boatload of ingredients — shrimp, roast beef, chipotle sauce, blood orange barbecue sauce, bacon, pepper Jack cheese, onion, pickles, jalapeños, sundried tomato and pepper hummus on foccacia — but the jalapeño ruled, leaving the diner to “reach for my water bottle in a breathless attempt to extinguish the culinary blaze blanching my tastebuds.”

Two people in our group ordered salads, the Southwest with added chicken and the Blue Apple with shrimp. The Southwest ($5.95) featured salad greens, Asiago cheese, roasted corn relish, black beans, jalapeño chips, tomatoes and tomatillo vinaigrette. The salad arrived without its chicken, but was still filling. The Blue Apple ($5.95) was a generous portion of salad greens with blue cheese, Granny Smith apples, cranberries, red onions, croutons, bacon crumbles and, because they were out of the apple vinaigrette, the tomatillo vinaigrette. The salad was also topped with a pile of cool boiled shrimp (an extra $2.50).

The favorite side for our group was the feta potato salad ($1.39), which was a lightly dressed potato salad with feta cheese, green onion and black pepper. Several people wished they had more. One diner got the Mardi Gras slaw ($1.39), which was dressing-heavy and included raisins and yellow corn. Napkins are a necessity.

One thing everyone in our group raved about was the bread pudding, sublimely sweet in a decadent sauce and sprinkled liberally with pecans. I only ordered a couple servings ($3.25), thinking we would share, but ended up fearing a fight would break out. Don’t miss this excellent rendition of a classic south Louisiana dessert.