Quin Hillyer: Don’t fall for Obamacare’s Medicaid bait

Quin Hillyer

Louisiana’s editorial boards and other opinion leaders all seem to agree that Gov. Bobby Jindal is wrong to reject the Medicaid expansion offered by Obamacare. But Jindal is right. Obamacare’s Medicaid offerings glitter like fool’s gold. Before doing the math, let’s study some history. It’s not just that President Barack Obama has broken almost every … Continue reading →

Jindal administration launches health initiative

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Gov. Bobby Jindal watches as Dufrocq School students Emma Cockerham, 11, right, Olivia Mack, 10, center and Allen Stewart, 10, left, plant creole tomato plants in the  school's

The Jindal administration embarked on a statewide initiative Monday, encouraging schools, businesses and other entities to promote health and wellness. Gov. Bobby Jindal announced the start of “Well-Ahead Louisiana” at Baton Rouge’s Dufrocq Elementary School, which already is pushing healthy eating and exercise. The program is being promoted as a … Continue reading →

Our Views: A government closed to you

Perhaps the most famous of President Barack Obama’s misleading promises was about health insurance, but he also promised the most open government in history. Turns out, according to a national expert who recently spoke in Louisiana, we haven’t even kept the old level of open government we used to have. Across a broad range of … Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Common Core support aligns with election bids

Advocate staff photo by MATTHEW HINTON-- Stephanie Grace

One way to gauge how quickly the politics surrounding Common Core have changed is to track Gov. Bobby Jindal’s journey from full support to abandonment to opposition so strong that he’s willing to entertain an end-run around his own allies in the Legislature, on the state education board and in the education department. Another entirely … Continue reading →

Our Views: Stick with the cause

What could be stranger than Gov. Bobby Jindal throwing in with teacher unions to oppose one of the primary conservative goals in education policy over the past two decades? Strange but true, and bad for the state and its children’s futures. The flash point has been the so-called Common Core academic standards, and the tests … Continue reading →

Louisiana Spotlight: Jindal at odds with education leader White

Superintendent of Education John White got his job with the backing of Gov. Bobby Jindal, but two years later, the men are increasingly at odds and appear to be drifting further apart on education policy. The rift centers on Louisiana’s shift to Common Core standards, and comes largely because Jindal did an about-face, moving from strident supporter … Continue reading →

Louisiana Spotlight: Lawmakers return to familiar issues

When lawmakers return to Baton Rouge in two weeks for the opening of the legislative session, they’ll spend much of their time revisiting proposals they rejected last year. Expanding Louisiana’s Medicaid program. Lessening penalties for marijuana possession. Capping the state’s free college tuition program called TOPS. Cutting state government contracts. Prohibiting smoking near the entrances to state-owned … Continue reading →

Louisiana Spotlight: Jindal uses trust funds to patch budget

In his struggles to patch together the state’s operating budget, Gov. Bobby Jindal has raided funds that weren’t necessarily planned for budget-balancing. The maneuvers leave any governor to follow Jindal, who is term-limited in early 2016, with fewer dollars socked away in savings accounts, less money from annual interest earnings to pay for ongoing expenses and lingering … Continue reading →

Louisiana Spotlight: Amendments seek to get around Jindal

Patricia Smith

Lawmakers frustrated with the policies of Gov. Bobby Jindal and his allies have turned to the Louisiana Constitution, finding it the only path to bypass the power of a governor and his veto pen. Of the 57 proposals filed to amend the state’s constitution, at least a dozen of those are aimed squarely at Jindal: ending some … Continue reading →

Louisiana Spotlight: Bills could put Jindal in tricky spot

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s legislative agenda appears largely designed to avoid controversy and to sidestep any possibility of embarrassing public defeats as he stands in the glare of a national spotlight shining on possible presidential contenders. But if Jindal’s trying to steer clear of areas that could lead to a legislative meltdown and political awkwardness, lawmakers might not … Continue reading →

Louisiana Spotlight: Questions on La. hospital deals linger

A year after Gov. Bobby Jindal started turning over the operations of Louisiana’s university-run hospital system to outside companies, lawmakers are complaining that they have unanswered questions about the deals. Over the past week, state senators have asked why federal officials haven’t signed off on the financing arrangements, what happens if federal approval never comes and how … Continue reading →

James Gill: Jindal against Common Core — well, sort of

James Gill

Converts are supposed to be particularly zealous, but Gov. Bobby Jindal’s sudden embrace of the anti-Common Core cause is distinctly lukewarm. He has barely lifted a finger to ensure that Louisiana retains its place at the bottom of the educational tables. Sure, he says he hopes Common Core will be scrapped in this legislative session, but the … Continue reading →

Political Horizons: Chances of expanding Medicaid slim

Last year, the Louisiana Legislature’s Democrats systematically threw themselves against different parts of the Republican majority’s electric fence — looking, unsuccessfully, for weaknesses in the GOP opposition to the federal Affordable Care Act, widely known as Obamacare. Democrats tried several bills with different variables; they trotted out a variety of parliamentary strategies; they held rallies — everything … Continue reading →

Jindal, educators reach agreement on teacher appeals

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office said Thursday it has reached agreement with teacher unions and others on a plan to revamp the appeals process for public school teachers who are dismissed. The issue has sparked off and on talks for weeks among aides to Jindal and officials of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, Louisiana Association of Educators, Louisiana … Continue reading →

Dennis Persica: Education reform making strange alliances

Dennis Persica

The ground in the school-reform debate is shifting rapidly under our feet. Everything is moving so quickly, in fact, that Gov. Bobby Jindal recently found himself in the awkward position of having his feet planted on both sides of the widening ideological fault line. At the same time that the governor was staking out a position against … Continue reading →

White restates Common Core support

Advocate staff photo by RICHARD ALAN HANNON -- State Superintendent of Education John White testifies in front of the House Committee on Education during debate on HB946, authored by State Rep. John Schroder, R-Covington, in March at the Louisiana State Capitol.

State Superintendent of Education John White said Tuesday that continuing acrimony over Common Core test plans has sparked a “state of chaos” for teachers already planning exams for next year — a comment that suggests a widening split between him and Gov. Bobby Jindal. “Just from a teacher’s perspective, it is deeply confusing and probably troubling that … Continue reading →