La. bond panel OKs spending

The state Bond Commission on Thursday agreed to a $125 million new project spending list submitted by the Jindal administration. Gov. Bobby Jindal picked the projects from a long wish list included in the state’s capital construction program. The state has a borrowing limit of $355 million in the fiscal year that began July 1. Legislators inserted projects in the construction program that totaled far more money than the state could spend. That gave Jindal the decision-making… Continue reading →

Jindal orders Ebola policy

Associated Press file photo by Molly Riley -- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

Gov. Bobby Jindal ordered Monday state agencies to develop policies covering travel to Ebola stricken countries by their employees, students and faculty. The executive order covers those who travel as a result of educational trips or work-related missions to countries identified by the federal Centers for Disease Control as having an epidemic of the deadly virus, including Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Jindal said he wants policies developed within five days “due to the… Continue reading →

Our Views: Early start for students

There were large turnouts of child care providers and advocates for children at unveilings in Baton Rouge and New Orleans of a new state initiative in early childhood education. That interest is warranted, because giving Louisiana’s next generations a healthier start in education is a major undertaking. The initiative also includes an awful lot of moving parts, from private day care providers and Head Start centers to prekindergarten classrooms… Continue reading →

Our Views: New vote on Kemp

In the thought-this-was-settled department, the nominating committee for the main levee board in the New Orleans region is slated to vote again today on its picks for seats on the board. That’s a hotly contested issue, since the makeup of the board for the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East could determine the fate of a controversial lawsuit the board filed against nearly 100 energy companies, claiming that industry is liable for increasing flooding problems near Louisiana’s coast.… Continue reading →

Our Views: Long list, even for Bobby

Gov. Bobby Jindal can rattle off facts and figures, and he’s certainly had to when he’s talked lately about the emerging technology sector in Louisiana. The list includes major players in the industry and some that are hardly household names, but it’s a long one even for Jindal to cram into his sentences: “… from EA, Gameloft and GE Capital to CGI, CSC and IBM. We’re also adding key emerging players, such as… Continue reading →