Education chief says Bobby Jindal's budget would force major layoffs in department

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposed budget would force layoffs of about 100 of the state Department of Education’s roughly 300 workers, state Superintendent of Education John White said Monday morning. White said he was originally told that the governor’s budget plan could result in 45 agency employees losing their jobs. “We thought we could find a way through that,” he said. The superintendent said that shot up to 100 or so workers when the spending plan… Continue reading →

Walt Handelsman: What are Mr. Spock and Governor Jindal doing in a cartoon together?

What are Mr. Spock and Governor Jindal doing in a cartoon together? Follow this link to the cartoon.Continue reading →

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal pivots on tax credits, marking a big change in philosophy


After years of hewing zealously to a promise never to approve a tax increase — a pledge that he believes also prevents the elimination of any state tax breaks — Gov. Bobby Jindal on Friday unveiled a budget plan for the coming year that trims tax credit programs by a whopping $526 million. If the Legislature goes along with Jindal’s pivot on tax giveaways, the resulting windfall would plug roughly one-third of… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: David Vitter is 'absolutely a problem' for Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign, and here's why

U.S. Sen. David Vitter; Gov. Bobby Jindal

Pretty much everyone who follows Louisiana politics knows that the state’s two leading officials, Gov. Bobby Jindal and U.S. Sen. David Vitter, aren’t allies. They’re not even “frenemies,” two people who don’t like each other but manage to work together toward common goals. Nope. The only apparent connections between these two are the R’s behind both their names, their strikingly similar résumés and their mutual disdain. So Jindal’s instantly… Continue reading →

Our Views: New Viking River Cruises on Mississippi River good for Louisiana

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- John and Nancy Yingling, from New Jersey, passengers from the American Queen riverboat, come ashore in Baton Rouge for an afternoon of touring. Last year, about 5,000 passengers visited Baton Rouge through 26 riverboat dockings

It’s difficult to believe possible after a successful 2015 Carnival season, but America’s great river is going to be even more fun in the future. Viking River Cruises, a major provider of high-end river cruises on other continents, will make New Orleans the home port for its first North American itineraries. In 2017, the European company plans to launch two new specially built riverboats from docks near the French Quarter. Plans call for building four… Continue reading →