Nichols, Roemer disagree on Common Core lawyer request

Kristy Nichols

Sparking new disagreements, Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols said Thursday she needs more information on the state school board’s request to hire special legal counsel in the battle over Common Core. In a letter to state Superintendent of Education John White and Chas Roemer, president of the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, … Continue reading →

Vitter: Governor’s office isn’t a stepping stone

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Sen. David Vitter speaks at the weekly Baton Rouge Press Club luncheon Monday concerning policies he's working on in the U.S. Senate and his candidacy for Governor.

From Common Core to Medicaid expansion, U.S. Sen. David Vitter tackled political hot-button topics Monday in his first wide-ranging remarks since announcing his run for governor. Vitter, R-La., spoke largely in broad strokes. He thinks the TOPS program is a runaway spending train, but he offered no specifics on how to slow it down. He’s looking carefully … Continue reading →

Our Views: In court, sore losers

All of a sudden, because of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s change of heart on Common Core state standards, we’re learning a little something about a generally obscure state law called the Administrative Procedures Act. That law sets out a series of requirements for the day-to-day mechanics of state government, from buying paper clips up to entering into … Continue reading →

James Gill: Jindal gives Edmonson a big thank-you

It may be State Police Chief Mike Edmonson’s job to protect Gov. Bobby Jindal, but simple manners still require a big thank-you. A gift is appropriate, too, and Jindal delivered. Displaying the generosity that always comes with control of other people’s money, he signed a bill drafted with the sole purpose of handing Edmonson an extra-fat … Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Jindal fails leadership test on Common Core

Early in his first term, Gov. Bobby Jindal found himself backed into a corner. Although he quietly opposed legislative efforts to roll back income tax hikes established by the voter-approved Stelly tax swap, Jindal failed to quell a move to repeal them. Then some legislators, eyeing huge but temporary Hurricane-Katrina-and-oil-driven surpluses, started talking about repealing the … Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: A tale of two governors

Gov. Bobby Jindal, left, and former Gov. Edwin Edwards

It’s official. The national media can’t get enough of a certain Louisiana governor. And no, it’s not that governor. The politician who’s captured the imagination of at least some out-of-state junkies is governor-turned-inmate-turned-congressional candidate Edwin Edwards — who, unlike a certain current occupant of the office, has a knack for attracting … Continue reading →

Letter: Jindal wasting money attacking interests

Why is it that for over three years the Jindal administration has squandered over $ 1.5 million on out-of-state lawyers to attack the legal interests of parents? These citizens have requested that schools in Orleans Parish provide services to children with disabilities as mandated in state and federal law. It is well-established that early interventions for … Continue reading →

Our Views: Legacies here to stay

 State Rep. John Bel Edwards

Having had almost two full terms now, Bobby Jindal will not be on the ballot when voters elect a new governor next year. But two potential contenders for the job, from different parties, have in different words suggested that they’d like to change things he did. Both will find it difficult, particularly with some of Jindal’s … Continue reading →

Jindal, White meeting yields no Common Core progress

Advocate staff photo by RICHARD ALAN HANNON -- Gov. Bobby Jindal announces his administration's move to pull out of Common Core during a press conference on Wednesday at the Louisiana State Capitol.

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s much-anticipated meeting with state Superintendent of Education John White failed to produce any breakthrough Thursday in the heated battle over Common Core. Jindal, who did not speak with reporters afterward, repeated his view that White and the state Department of Education have to follow proper procedures in exam plans for the upcoming school … Continue reading →

Inside Report: Readers link pardon bid to debate over immigration

A news story about Roberto Hernandez’s quest for a pardon from Gov. Bobby Jindal drew strong reactions from readers. Hernandez accepted $5,000 to transport illegal Valium between Texas and Indiana 15 years ago. Law enforcement pulled him over in Louisiana, found the drugs and arrested him. Hernandez, a first-time offender, spent 45 days in jail. … Continue reading →

Lawsuit filed against Gov. Jindal over Common Core

Bobby Jindal

A group of parents and teachers who support the Common Core education standards have filed a lawsuit against Gov. Bobby Jindal because of his actions against the multi-state standards. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Baton Rouge. It accuses the Republican governor of violating the state constitution by issuing a series of executive orders and contract suspensions … Continue reading →

Rep. Edwards: Jindal created a fiscal mess for next governor

Advocate staff photo by MICHELLE MILLHOLLON -- State Rep. John Bel Edwards, who is running for governor, said Monday that he is the moderate candidate.

State Rep. John Bel Edwards on Monday accused Gov. Bobby Jindal of creating calamity for Louisiana’s next governor through bad budgeting and poor political decisions. “He’s just trying to keep balls in the air long enough to exit the stage,” Edwards said during an appearance at the Press Club of Baton Rouge. Edwards, D-Amite, is … Continue reading →

BESE leaders offer new Common Core test plan

From left, BESE members Chas Roemer, Jim Garvey and Holly Boffy.

On the eve of a key meeting over Common Core, three leaders of Louisiana’s top school board said Wednesday they would conditionally go along with Gov. Bobby Jindal’s request for the state to come up with new tests for the upcoming school year. “As time is running short, we ask that you take this as a … Continue reading →

Our Views: Work out compromise on standards

In strong statements about the battle over higher education standards, business lobbyist Stephen Waguespack has been careful not to mention the name of the principal obstacle to the state’s adoption of Common Core standards. Gov. Bobby Jindal should be grateful to his former aide, who is now president of … Continue reading →

Jindal takes possible digs at Christie

Advocate staff photo by Travis Spradling -- The Louisiana State Capitol

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s recent remarks to are being seen as an apparent dig at potential rivals for the GOP’s 2016 presidential nomination. Jindal, who has been steadily positioning himself for a possible presidential run, told Time he’s sticking to policy because he doesn’t believe big elections should be “about personalities or just about slogans.” … Continue reading →