Higher ed officials consider ‘doomsday’ funding scenario

Under what leaders are calling a “doomsday scenario,” Louisiana’s public universities and colleges would get about $123 million in state funding to split among their campuses next year — about an 82 percent cut from their current funding level. That’s the budget the state Board of Regents has instructed college leaders to start preparing for, though officials are hoping that the funding outlook will improve dramatically during the legislative session. “It’s just… Continue reading →

Louisiana Spotlight: Some concerned Bobby Jindal's budget designed to finish out term, then 'you're on your own'

As they unravel Gov. Bobby Jindal’s budget proposal for next year, lawmakers are finding cuts disguised as “efficiencies,” gaps not disclosed by the administration and critical services reliant on shaky financing. Members of the House Appropriations Committee are questioning whether the Republican governor has provided spending plans that might work through the final six months of Jindal’s term but that could leave them with a financial mess in the second half of the fiscal year after Jindal… Continue reading →

Letter: Gov. Bobby Jindal’s misleading no-tax stance

Whom has Bobby Jindal increasingly taxed in the last eight years? College students and their parents! In unconscionable moves to balance the state budget without evenly distributing the cost among constituents, Jindal has systematically decreased the funding to higher education over his term in office, forcing state universities to increase their tuition to make up the difference, while maintaining quality. As an example, funding to the flagship university, LSU, has decreased from $400 million per year… Continue reading →

Our Views: Moral case not there to accommodate parish governments on inventory tax

The whining of local governments, getting undeserved fat checks indirectly from the state, cannot be entirely disregarded by the Legislature when it meets to consider the fate of the inventory tax credit. It is part of a larger problem of state-local relations in government. That unhappy relationship needs marriage counseling. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s budget plan proposes to keep the inventory tax in place, but it suggests a huge curtailment of a program through which the… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Louisiana lawmakers appear to be reaching their limits with Gov. Bobby Jindal

Advocate staff file photo by BILL FEIG -- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Remember all those lessons from grade school about the separation of powers? You know, the ones about how the executive and legislative branches of government are supposed to be independent and co-equal, part of a system of checks and balances designed to make sure that no one branch amasses too much control? Then there are the real-life lessons from watching Louisiana government in action, one of which is this:… Continue reading →