Lightning forces Southern to move practice indoors

The Jaguars continued their preparation for Northwestern State Tuesday, but not on the practice fields.

Instead, because of lightning in the area, the Jaguars were forced to practice on the third floor of the football operations building.

“We’ll put the guys through a walk-through today,” Odums said.

“We’ll have meetings with the offense and defense and just make it a mental work-day for the guys.”

Odums and his staff have placed particular emphasis on the defensive lineman and outside linebackers in this week’s practice, with Odums working extensively on how to defend the Demons’ read-option offensive attack.

“We expect to see a one-back attack from Northwestern State,” Odums said. “We plan to see a lot of zone-reads from their offense.

“We are just trying to get better with our technique and training our eyes and feet to be on the same page.”

The Demons were able to put together a balanced attack offensively in Thursday’s victory over Missouri State, piling up 233 yards through the air and 172 yards on the ground.

Additionally, the Jaguars offense will face an unusual look defensively from the Demons this coming Saturday.

“Defensively, (Northwestern State) likes to run a 4-2-5, and we’ll see a lot of blitzes,” Odums said.

Co-offensive coordinator Chad Germany is looking forward to the challenge of having his offense go up against a defense that gives a variety of different looks.

“Watching Northwestern State on film, they are very fast,” Germany said. “They have a lot of guys that have a lot of experience, and that could cause some problems for us offensively.

“We didn’t surrender any sacks in the opener against Houston, so hopefully we can continue to build on our efficiency in pass protection and keep (quarterback Dray) Joseph standing upright.”

Squaring off with an in-state rival brings a set of disruptions that the Jaguars’ players and coaches will have to balance this week.

“I look forward for our guys to put the distractions behind them, family and friends calling looking for tickets, and just focusing on the task at hand,” Odums said.