Saints’ first-round draft picks

“Obviously, when you go into the draft and you have one side of the ball that’s struggling over another, then you tend to look to that side of the ball.” Mickey loomis, Saints GM

LeftAlign.19LeftAlign.72LeftAlign.88Year Player Pos. College

1967 Les Kelley FB Alabama

1968 Kevin Hardy DE Notre Dame

1969 John Shinners G Xavier (Ohio)

1970 Ken Burrough WR Texas So.

1971 Archie Manning QB Ole Miss

1972 Royce Smith G Georgia

1973 Pick traded to Colts

1974 Rick Middleton LB Ohio State

1975 Larry Burton WR Purdue

Kurt Schumacher G Ohio State

LeftAlign.19LeftAlign.72LeftAlign.88(pick acquired from Jets)

LeftAlign.19LeftAlign.72LeftAlign.881976 Chuck Muncie RB California

1977 Joe Campbell DE Maryland

1978 Wes Chandler WR Florida

1979 Russell Erxleben K/P Texas

1980 Stan Brock T Colorado

1981 George Rogers RB S. Carolina

Dave Wilson QB Illinois

LeftAlign.19LeftAlign.72LeftAlign.88 (supplemental draft)

LeftAlign.19LeftAlign.72LeftAlign.881982 Lindsay Scott WR Georgia

1983 Pick traded to Packers

1984 Pick traded to Jets

1985 Alvin Toles LB Tennessee

1986 Jim Dombrowski T Virginia

1987 Shawn Knight DT BYU

1988 Craig Heyward RB Pittsburgh

1989 Wayne Martin DE Arkansas

1990 Renaldo Turnbull DE West Virginia

Year Player Pos. College

1991 Pick traded to Cowboys

1992 Vaughn Dunbar RB Indiana

1993 William Roaf T La. Tech

LeftAlign.19LeftAlign.72LeftAlign.88(pick acquired from Lions)

LeftAlign.19LeftAlign.72LeftAlign.88 Irv Smith TE Notre Dame

1994 Joe Johnson DE Louisville

1995 Mark Fields LB Washington St.

1996 Alex Molden CB Oregon

1997 Chris Naeole G Colorado

1998 Kyle Turley T San Diego St.

1999 Ricky Williams RB Texas

2000 Pick traded to Redskins

2001 Deuce McAllister RB Ole Miss

2002 Donte Stallworth WR Tennessee

Charles Grant DE Georgia

(pick acquired from Dolphins)

2003 Johnathan Sullivan DT Georgia

2004 Will Smith DE Ohio State

2005 Jamaal Brown T Oklahoma

2006 Reggie Bush RB USC

2007 Robert Meachem WR Tennessee

2008 Sedrick Ellis DT USC

2009 Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State

2010 Patrick Robinson CB Florida St.

2011 Cameron Jordan DE California

Mark Ingram RB Alabama

(pick acquired from Patriots)

2012 Pick traded to Patriots

2013 Kenny Vaccaro S Texas