A few minutes with ... Terron Armstead

Tackle Terron Armstead, one of the Saints’ two third-round draft picks this spring, talks about his first training camp, rookie hazing and his biggest challenge trying to earn a spot on the 53-man roster.

The Advocate: How did your first NFL training camp go?

Terron Armstead: It’s been going pretty well. I had some trouble with a few mistakes, learning technique, but things are going pretty smoothly now. I feel like I’ve made strides.

TA: Do you still feel like a rookie, or have you graduated yet?

Armstead: I’m just focusing on getting better every day, trying to work on my technique and taking care of what I can.

TA: Part of the initiation into the league is rookie hazing, like singing in the cafeteria? Did you have to do anything like that?

Armstead: Yeah, I rapped for the team … with a little freestyle. We had to dress up in some spandex and wear a helmet with no facemask all day. So there’s been some fun stuff.

TA: Did you have to sing your school song from Arkansas-Pine Bluff?

Armstead: No, I didn’t sing because our school doesn’t have a fight song.

TA: What was your biggest challenge coming into training camp?

Armstead: Just the new technique, just having to pretty much revamp everything — starting with the stance and pass sets. So we were starting from scratch with a lot of things.

TA: What are your strengths right now?

Armstead: I think I’m a pretty powerful guy, an explosive guy. I have quick feet and quick hands, so I’m just trying to hone all those things and trying to put them all together to be one really good play.

Sheldon Mickles

TA: What’s your favorite food now that you’re living in New Orleans?

Armstead: The food is great. I’ve been touching some of everything, but I’m finally starting to come around to seafood — I’ve had some oysters, catfish and shrimp. It’s pretty good food.

Sheldon Mickles