Keenan Lewis back at Saints practice

Cornerback Keenan Lewis was back for the second day of minicamp Wednesday after having spent Monday night in a local hospital for treatment of a stomach condition that caused him to miss Tuesday’s sessions.

“It’s something I had to pay attention to,” said Lewis, who offered no other details, including which hospital he was admitted to. “It had been bothering me quite a while so I needed to get it addressed.”

Lewis, who is from New Orleans and prepped at O. Perry Walker, said it the flare-up had nothing to do with over indulging in some home-town cooking.

In fact, he looked thinner than his listed 208 pounds.

“I just think I’m getting a little fit,” he said.

Otherwise, Lewis, he was good to go on Wednesday.

“It was a little weird knowing my guys were out there getting better while I was and I was laid up at home,” he said. “But I’m excited to be back.”

Missing practice Wednesday were rookie tackle Terron Armstrong, tight end Ben Watson and cornerback Ryan Steed.

Hoop city

With the NBA Finals beginning Thursday, here’s a sampling of opinion on the outcome from the Saints’ locker room:

Rufus Johnson: “I’ve got to go with the Miami Heat. They’re just my team and I love LeBron (James).”

Junior Galette: “San Antonio. I pull for whoever’s going against the Heat. I’m a Heat hater. LeBron is a choke artist who flops. He’s a phenomenal player, but he went somewhere where it was easier to win. When you’re a great artist you challenge yourself. He could have brought great players to Cleveland and won there. I really don’t like anything about the Spurs. I just don’t like the Heat.”

Kenny Vaccaro: “I’m LeBron all the way, all the way. When I started watching basketball was when he first got to the league. So all I know is King James. I didn’t watch (Michael) Jordan because I was too little and I didn’t watch basketball as much when Kobe was doing his thing. So LeBron is the best player I’ve ever seen.”

Jimmy Graham: “The Heat. Come on, man. How do you vote against LeBron? He’s dominating right now, that’s for sure. I’ll be back in Miami and hopefully I’ll get to so see Game 2. It might go seven.”

Akiem Hicks: “I’m going to take the Heat just because I can’t stand the Spurs. They’re old and slow. Technically, they’re a great, solid team, but it’s just not my kind of basketball. I probably won’t even watch.”

Corey White: “Spurs in five. Mark it down. The Spurs never lose in the Finals. And Gregg Popovich seems like he’s on top of everything.”

Jarhi Evans: “Miami. They’re more athletic and faster The Spurs are old. They can’t keep up with Miami’s fast pace.”

Lance Moore: “Miami. They’ve got youth and they have LeBron. It’ll probably go six.”

Keenan Lewis: “Miami in six with LeBron as the MVP. Never bet against that man. He’s going to go down as the best of all time. When you’ve got somebody like that who can’t be stopped you’re hard to beat.”

Drew Brees: “I don’t know, obviously the Spurs have had some time to rest now, so that will help them out a little bit. I’m sure it gets to be a grind at the end of this thing and everyone’s just running off adrenaline. Miami was back and forth and finished strong. T It’s going to be a heck of a series., I don’t have a prediction.”

Morgan lingers late

Wide receiver Joe Morgan hasn’t talked to the media since his Memorial Day weekend arrest on DUI charges, but he definitely made some friends Thursday.

While most of the players headed straight for the locker room following the morning session which is open to the public, Morgan and a few others, including Brees went over to the bleachers to sign autographs and shake hands.

Morgan lingered the longest, signing autographs for every fan who requested one.

On the field, Morgan appears to be solidifying his hold on the No. 3 receiver spot held for the past few years by Devery Henderson.

“When we get on the field, the only thing that matters is what’s going on there,” fellow wide receiver Lance Moore said. “You’ve got to put whatever’s going on at home behind you.

“There’s no way you’d be able to perform to the best of your ability if you don’t. Joe’s like the rest of us — just trying to get a little bit better.”

White on the mend

Cornerback Corey White was coming off the best game of his rookie season — an interception, two passes defended and four tackles — in the victory against Atlanta when he suffered a knee injury that rendered him inactive for four of five games before he was finally placed on injured reserve with two games remaining.

Now he’s back and has been making some noteworthy plays as the team’s No. cornerback.

“I’m all healed up and feel great,” said White, a fifth-round pick from Samford. “It was really frustrating for me trying to get back and help my team out when I couldn’t.”

“I’d never been hurt in my career and it kind of humbled me a little bit.

One more day

Thursday’s single session begins at 10:15 a.m. and is open to the public.