Saints three and out for Nov. 6, 2012

What we learned

As tough as the first half of the season has been, the Saints won’t lay down and give up. They gained momentum for the final eight games with their third win in four games against a wobbly Eagles team, which also needed a win in the worst way.

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The Saints knew the Eagles couldn’t protect Michael Vick, who had been sacked 20 times, and they made it a focal point of their game plan. They turned up the heat and had a season-high seven sacks — more than half their season total of 13 going into the game.

Final thoughts

For the first time this season, the Saints put together a total game on both sides of the ball even though the Eagles gained 447 yards. Two things they haven’t done — run the ball effectively and pressure the quarterback — were two of the keys to the victory.

Sheldon Mickles

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