Trent Delahoussaye blazes own trail at Loreauville

LOREAUVILLE — Carroll Delahoussaye saw it coming many years ago, as far back as when his son Trent was still young enough to choose a different path in life.

Now almost three decades later, Delahoussaye knows he was correct all along.

“Trent never wanted to be anything else except to be a coach. I wouldn’t ever say that he was a gifted athlete, but he was always around, learning the game. He was a regular gym rat when I would be there,” said Delahoussaye, who has spent the last 41 years at St. Martinville as either head football coach or athletic director.

While Trent Delahoussaye came to Loreauville seven years ago with the proper coaching pedigree after working with his father for nine seasons at St. Martinville and another year with former LHS coach Kirk Crochet, there are obvious differences in style.

Trent Delahoussaye, whose Loreauville team is 6-0 and currently ranked No. 3 in Class 2A, said his father probably doesn’t recognize some elements of the LHS offense, which features an explosive aerial game.

“Absolutely. We throw the ball. Back then (when Trent Delahoussaye was a St. Martinville quarterback under his father) they were running it,” said Trent Delahoussaye, whose team visits Delcambre on Thursday night in a Class 5-2A game.

The Loreauville passing attack features the combination of Raymond Bonnette throwing to his brother, Rashid Bonnette. In a 46-23 district-opening victory Friday night against Opelousas Catholic, the Loreauville passing game produced 407 of the team’s 683 yards.

When Trent Delahoussaye played quarterback for his father in the St. Martinville I-formation, there were always talented tailbacks to do the required work.

“We ran the I-formation, but at the time and place, it was the right thing to do,” Carroll Delahoussaye said. “Trent has the talented receivers and quarterbacks along with some good running backs. He has made the adjustment and he’s found his own way, that’s for sure. Trent is very offensive-minded.”

In his years at Loreauville, his only head coaching job so far, Trent Delahoussaye is 53-21.

Despite the contrast in styles, Delahoussaye said he learned some indelible rudiments of football from his father and Crochet, who combined in their coaching careers for more than 450 wins.

“I think the biggest thing I can take away from working with my father is the idea that you have to respect your opponent,” he said. “No matter if the team you play is undefeated or 0-10, you always prepare for them the same way. I think that is what made him so good.”

“You don’t let your kids get the big head. I think that is what made (Carroll Delahoussaye) so good. You talk to him now and he’s still the same. Of course if there is any question that I have, he is only a phone call away.”

While St. Martinville and Loreauville both border Bayou Teche and are not that far in driving distance, Carroll Delahoussaye said he often becomes apprehensive when he attends his son’s games.

“I get to see Trent’s teams about two or three times a year, and it’s tough for me, I have to admit,” he said. “You watch things and your hands are tied, because you want to reach out to him and you can’t. I’ve just found it stressful.

Trent Delahoussaye said the offensive success Loreauville has had this year has been somewhat ironic, since the offensive line had few returning starters.

“I knew our defense would be better because of the experience,” he said. “Then we hired a new defensive coordinator (Trace Sutton) and with his knowledge and the experience, we are really better on that side of the football.

“Raymond (Bonnette) has been a starter at quarterback for us for three years and along with his brother (Rashid) our passing game has been outstanding, Ronald has thrown for over 1,000 yards already and Rashid is averaging 22 or 23 yards per catch,” Trent Delahoussaye said.

Loreauville also lost Jermaine Antoine, a talented runner last year, but he said Loreauville still has big-play potential with the Bonnette brothers.

“I don’t think having Trace come in has really changed the attitude we have on defense. It’s more that we have become more active defensively and along with that experience, we have done well.”

Delahoussaye said the success at Loreauville so far this year hasn’t been a total surprise.

“We hoped to have this record at this point in the season. As of now, I really don’t think we have played as well as we are capable of playing. We’re in our district schedule right now and we have some tough teams ahead of us,” Delahoussaye said.