Classes 3A, 2A, 1A football capsules

Ascension Christian at West St. John

7 p.m. at WSJHS-Edgard

RECORDS: Ascension Christian 1-4; West St. John 3-2.

LAST WEEK: Ascension Christian lost to Ascension Episcopal 46-0; West St. John beat Ellender 36-20.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: ASCENSION CHRISTIAN: TE/DE Seth Gaudin, QB/LB Kaleb Bledsoe, OL/DL Dillon LeBlanc; WEST ST. JOHN: RB Jeremy Jackson, LB/OL Koni Rainey, QB Austin Howard.

NOTEWORTHY: District 8-1A opener. ... Ascension Christian had 35 yards of total offense last week. …West St. John’s Jeremy Jackson returned from an injury and tallied 147 yards and 2 TDs.

Brusly at Port Allen

7 p.m. at PAHS’ Otwell Stadium

RECORDS: Brusly 1-4, 0-2 in District 7-3A; Port Allen 2-3, 1-1.

LAST WEEK: Brusly lost to Parkview Baptist 27-7; Port Allen beat Baker 23-6.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: BRUSLY: RB Sam Williams, RB Jaylon Green, LB Paigedrick Crawford, CB Dylan Claiborne; PORT ALLEN: LB Charles Mullins, DT Charles George, DB Terrione Thomas.

NOTEWORTHY: Westside rivalry game. … Port Allen’s Demarcus Franklin (602 yards) and Brusly’s Carlsel Alexander (465 yards) rank among the area’s top Class 3A rushers.

Capitol at Baker

7 p.m. at Baker’s Wedge Kyes Stadium

RECORDS: Capitol 4-1; Baker 1-4.

LAST WEEK: Capitol beat Istrouma 43-7; Baker lost to Port Allen 23-6.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: CAPITOL: QB Anthony Thomas, RB Jamar Robertson, LB Cedrick Whitfield; BAKER: WR/DB Kendrick Shavers, LB/RB Matthew Ennis, OL/DL Deon Addison.

NOTEWORTHY: Nondistrict game for 2A Capitol and 3A BHS. … Robertson leads area 2A rushers with 721 yards and 7 TDs. … Baker has lost four straight games.

Donaldsonville at E.D. White

7 p.m. at EDW-Thibodaux

RECORDS: Donaldsonville 3-2; E.D. White Catholic 2-3.

LAST WEEK: Donaldsonville beat Independence 14-6; E.D. White lost to Shaw 28-6.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: DONALDSONVILLE: WR-QB-DL Stephen Sullivan, WR Marquine Bell, S/LB Percy Cargo; EDW: RB Darius Charles, LB Justin Theriot, DB Dannon Steib.

NOTEWORTHY: District 9-3A opener for both. … The Cardinals must keep an eye on Sullivan, who is playing a variety of roles for Donaldsonville.

E. Iberville at White Castle

7 p.m. at WCHS

RECORDS: East Iberville 0-5; White Castle 3-2.

LAST WEEK: EIHS lost to Belaire 46-8; White Castle lost to Iowa 34-18.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: EAST IBERVILLE: QB Junius Chung, RB Joseph Bailey, LB Daijail Arthur; WHITE CASTLE: ATH Robert Franklin, RB/DB Dontrell Taylor, FB/S Harold Zachary.

NOTEWORTHY: District 8-1A opener for both. … White Castle jumped out to an early lead last week but was plagued by penalties and turnovers.

Episcopal at East Feliciana

7 p.m. at Clinton Middle School

RECORDS: Episcopal 5-0, 1-0 in District 6-2A; East Feliciana 2-3, 1-1.

LAST WEEK: Episcopal beat Ascension Catholic 22-7; East Feliciana beat Redemptorist 48-12.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: EPISCOPAL: RB Clement Mubungirwa, RB/LB T.J. Wisham, OL Turner Graham; EAST FELICIANA: RB Kameron McKnight, QB/DB Danny Johnson, LB/RB Tyriece Flowers.

NOTEWORTHY: Pivotal District 6-2A game. … Episcopal’s Mubungirwa rushed for 178 yards and 2 TDs last week. … EFHS intercepted three passes last week.

Glen Oaks at West Feliciana

7 p.m. at WFHS

RECORDS: Glen Oaks 3-2, 0-1 in 7-3A; West Feliciana 4-1, 1-0.

LAST WEEK: Glen Oaks lost to University 56-20; West Feliciana beat Kentwood 36-16

PLAYERS TO WATCH: GLEN OAKS: WR/DB Christian Walker, OL/DL Devonta Dixon, OL/DL Roland Harleaux; WEST FELICIANA: OG Brandon Jones, LB/RB Desmond Wilson, OG Austin Williams.

NOTEWORTHY: Walker has returned two interceptions for TDs this season. ... West Feliciana’s Anthony Ebbs ran for 123 yards last week in a nondistrict win.

Livonia at Northwest

7 p.m. at Northwest High

RECORDS: Livonia 5-0; Northwest 2-3.

LAST WEEK: Livonia beat McDonogh 35 16-14; Northwest lost to Wossman 13-0.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: LIVONIA: WR/DB Diante Bridgewater, LB Deonta Daye, RB/LB Russell Farris; NORTHWEST: WR/QB D’Ante Lewis, RB Chris Lee, WR Joshua Harrison.

NOTEWORTHY: District 5-3A opener. … Farris has rushed for 394 yards and Kerry Savoy has passed for 806 yards and 12 TDs for Livonia. … Lee has rushed for more than 500 yards.

Madison Prep at Christian Life

7 p.m. at CLA

RECORDS: Madison Prep 3-2; Christian Life 4-1.

LAST WEEK: Madison Prep beat Lake Area New Tech 19-8; Christian Life beat Albany, 55-34.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: MADISON PREP: DE Malcolm Roach, QB Justin Russell, WR Otis Dumas; CHRISTIAN LIFE: RB Malik Harrison, QB Jacob Williams, RB Sidney Neson.

NOTEWORTHY: District 6-1A opener and the first varsity district game for Madison Prep, which has won three straight. … CLA’s Harrison scored two TDa last week.

Mt. Hermon at Springfield

7 p.m. at Springfield High

RECORDS: Mt. Hermon 0-5, 0-2 in District 7-2A; Springfield 3-2, 1-1.

LAST WEEK: Mt. Hermon lost to Northlake Christian 42-6; Springfield beat St. Helena Central 20-12.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: MT. HERMON: FS Jessie Pouncey, RB Logan McGregor, DE Arion Dillon; SPRINGFIELD: WR/DB Zachary Clark, WR/QB Joseph Kemp, LB Jordan Carter.

NOTEWORTHY: Mount Hermon is handcuffed by numbers with only 13 players on this year’s squad. … Springfield’s defense allowed 85 yards last week.

Northeast at Istrouma

7 p.m. at Istrouma

RECORDS: Northeast 2-3, 0-1 in District 6-2A; Istrouma 1-4, 0-2.

LAST WEEK: Northeast lost to Dunham 34-22; Istrouma lost to Capitol 43-7.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: NORTHEAST: RB Stephen Jackson, OT Tilon Williams, LB Dominick Yates; ISTROUMA: QB Derrick Wilard, WR Trie Gibson, OL/DL Yoni Cambles.

NOTEWORTHY: Northeast will have up to four starters back from injury who missed last week. … Wilard’s 43-yard TD pass to Trie Gibson gave Istrouma its only points last week.

Patterson vs. Southern Lab

7:30 p.m. at La. Leadership’s Doug Williams Stadium

RECORDS: Patterson 3-2; Southern Lab 0-5.

LAST WEEK: Patterson beat Westlake 40-34; Southern Lab lost to Plaquemine 49-28.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: PATTERSON: WR Daylon Charlot, WR Mykel Jones, QB Spencer Landry; SOUTHERN LAB: QB Bladrick Veal, WR Derrick Pate, WR Tevis Abraham.

NOTEWORTHY: Patterson quarterback Spencer Landry is third in the state with 1,516 passing yards. … Class 1A Southern Lab plays its fourth 3A opponent and has yet to play a 1A school.

PCC at False River

7 p.m. at False River Academy

RECORDS: Pointe Coupee Central 3-2; False River 0-5.

LAST WEEK: PCC beat Tara 56-22; False River lost to Northwood-Lena 38-6.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: PCC: TE/LB Bryce Jones, LB Ernet Lemay, WR Stephen Guidry; FALSE RIVER: RB Cody St. Romain, OL/DL Logan Dunham, DB Kyle Blanchard.

NOTEWORTHY: A District 5-1A opener for both. ... PCC DE Elijah Maloid had 10 tackles, four for loss and two sacks last week.

Redemptorist at Dunham

7 p.m. at Dunham Stadium

RECORDS: Redemptorist 1-4, 0-2 in 6-2A; Dunham 4-1, 2-0.

LAST WEEK: Redemptorist lost to East Feliciana 48-12; Dunham beat Northeast 34-22.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: REDEMPTORIST: ATH Russell Gage, WR D.J. Johnson, LB Lee Whitaker; DUNHAM: RB John Volland, LT Dillon McClain, LB Mike Berrigan.

NOTEWORTHY: Dunham has won four straight. … Dunham coach Guy Mistretta coached RHS to a 3A state title in 2005.

St. John at Ascension Catholic

7 p.m. at Boutte Stadium-Donaldsonville

RECORDS: St. John 0-5; Ascension Catholic 3-2.

LAST WEEK: St. John lost to Erath 17-16; Ascension Catholic lost to Episcopal 22-7.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: ST. JOHN: QB Hunter Schnebelen, RB Hayden Hemenway, DL Matthew Miller; ASCENSION CATHOLIC: QB D.J. Latino, NG/TE Delmond Landry, RB Jacquel Wade.

NOTEWORTHY: District 8-1A opener. … St. John seeks of its first win. … Ascension Catholic seeks to improve its rush defense after surrendering 240 yards on the ground last week.

Jewel Sumner at Albany

7 p.m. at Albany High

RECORDS: Sumner 5-0; Albany 2-3.

LAST WEEK: Sumner beat St. Michael 40-13; Albany lost to Christian Life 55-34.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: SUMNER: DE Matt Shaw, QB Rhett Travis, WR Bryant James; ALBANY: RB Josh McClain, FB Bryce Wells, RG Dustin Lavergne.

NOTEWORTHY: District 8-3A opener for both schools. … Sumner’s blocked two punts, returning one for a TD last week.

University at Parkview

7 p.m. at PBS

RECORDS: University 5-0, 2-0 in 7-3A; Parkview 4-1, 2-0.

LAST WEEK: University beat Glen Oaks 56-20; Parkview beat Brusly 27-7.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: UNIVERSITY: QB Manny Miles, RB Nick Brossette, DT Greg Bowser; PARKVIEW: QB Reggie Hayes, LB Denton Kirby, Blake Taylor.

NOTEWORTHY: Showdown for No. 1 U-High and No. 6 Parkview. … Brossette has run for 686 yards and 14 TDs, while Miles has 924 passing yards. … PBS’ Hayes has 474 passing yards.


Central Private at Centreville Academy

7 p.m. at Centreville Academy-Centreville, Miss.

RECORDS: Central Private 0-7, 0-1 in MAIS; Centreville: 6-1, 3-0.

LAST WEEK: Central Private lost to Silliman 45-0; Centreville beat Bowling Green 38-16

PLAYERS TO WATCH: CENTRAL PRIVATE: QB/WR Landon Bryson, FB/LB Brett Sequin, OL/DL Cole Kinchens; CENTREVILLE: WR/DB Coby Shaw, OL/LB Brandon Arnett, RB/DB Mark Curry.

NOTEWORTHY: Another District 6-2A challenge for CPS. … Centreville coach Bill Hurst said he wants his team to defend the run better after allowing 130 yards last week.

Brookhaven Academy at Silliman

7 p.m. at Silliman Institute-Clinton

RECORDS: Brookhaven 3-4; Silliman 4-3.

LAST WEEK: Brookhaven lost to Simpson Academy 47-6; Silliman beat Central Private 45-0.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: BROOKHAVEN: QB Heath Hickman, RB Connor Dorman, LB Landon Nettles; SILLIMAN: QB Zach Kelly, DE Jordan Talley, OL/DL Jozie Milton.

NOTEWORTHY: A crucial game for Silliman as its bids to make the playoffs.