A few minutes with ... Annie Hill

Annie Hill is a freshman cross country runner at St. Joseph’s Academy:

How old were you when you started running?

“I was in the fifth or sixth grade, so I was maybe 10 or 11. I thought it was fun. I just ran because a lot of my friends were doing it.”

Your mother (Louise) has run marathons. Did that influence you?

“Yes, she’s run 15 or 16 marathons, and she got all of us into running. There are five of us. I have one older sibling (Catholic High junior Pierce Hill) and three who are younger.”

You had a lot of success on the junior high level at St. Aloysius. What was your biggest concern about competing in high school?

“Running that extra mile. I wasn’t sure how I’d do running a longer distance. Having a new coach was a concern, too. But so far, I really like it.”

Were you nervous before you first high school race?

I get really nervous before any race, really. I like to talk to (senior) Andree Laville before races. She knows what to say to calm me down.”

So far you’ve run in two varsity races and won both. How do you rate your performance so far?

“I think I’ve done OK, but there’s always room for improvement. I just want to get my times faster.”

How have the older competitors treated you so far?

“They’ve all been very nice. We all congratulated each other after the race last week. They pushed me to get a personal record.”

What are you favorite classes in school?

“I like Spanish and physical science. They’re my two favorites.”

Do you have any other hobbies?

“I played club soccer for nine or 10 years, but I had to quit because it conflicted with cross country. But I am thinking about playing soccer for SJA, because it won’t interfere with cross country or track.”

Robin Fambrough