Quotes from the Louisiana High School Coaches Association Coaches Clinic

What are your thoughts on the select/nonselect football playoff format?

Alden Foster, Amite football coach: “At Amite, we were successful under the old system and I believe we can be successful in the new one. Everybody talks about this watering down the football championships. When I played (in the 1980s), there were only four classes and people thought it was watered down then. You won’t make everybody happy. What you will have is the chance for more kids to experience winning championships, and I think that’s good.”

Dennis Lorio, Morgan City footba ll coach: “If I were in charge, I’d have bowl games after the (select and nonselect) championships to determine an overall champion. To me, this stopgap measure that passed is illogical. It may not make anybody happy other than the nine schools that will win it. I just think it could be designed better to meet everybody’s needs.”

Danny Broussard, St. Thomas More boys basketball coach: “I just don’t think it’s good for the association. I hope it doesn’t happen in basketball. I’ve heard rumbling that football was the first step. People keep saying they’re all about the kids. The kids want to compete against each other; they don’t care about who is select or nonselect.”

Terence Williams, incoming LHSCA president, Redemptorist football coach: “There’s one good thing about the season starting — once the games begin it turns into football. My hope is that once the season starts rolling, we get away from talking about this one is select or that one is nonselect. And we just play football.”

Shane Smith, Franklinton football coach: “As I coach, I don’t give a lot of thought to (playoff format) because I don’t think it’s that important to my kids. What’s important to my team is go out day after day and put forth the best effort you can. If we get caught up in this playoff stuff, you can lose sight of what you should be concentrating on, which is your season and getting better.”

Robert Valdez, West St. John football coach: “Every year we develop a mantra for the season and this year ours is ‘Don’t tell them, show them.’ We’re not going to talk about this whole select/nonselect thing or state championships. We’re just going to line up and play.”

What would you like the LHSAA to change?

Jay Jay Juan, Ursuline volleyball coach: “We (volleyball coaches) would like to see sand volleyball added in the spring. There may be 50 schools interested in playing it. You can place the season so it wouldn’t interfere with the other sports. And it’s something the colleges are doing now.”

Troy Green, White Castle boys basketball coach: “I would start with this week and go back to the way it used to be when we had all-star games along with the clinic. I’d like to see the basketball championships back the way they were with the boys teams playing in Lafayette, too.”

Gary Adkins, Oak Grove football coach: “One thing that I would like to see changed is the makeup of the LHSAA executive committee so it would be a little more balanced in terms of select and nonselect. I think it might be a little top heavy one way now. And I’d like to see our commissioner (Executive Director Kenny Henderson) stand up and take a stand one way or the other and tell us what he is thinking.”

Cyril Crutchfield, St. Augustine football coach: “The LHSAA needs to set specific ground rules for what is a select school or a nonselect school. In Orleans Parish, every school has the same attendance zone as us. They can get any kid from the parish just like we can, only they’re considered nonselect. That doesn’t make sense to me.”

Robert Valdez, West St. John football coach: “Since this (select/nonselect) was a football-related issue, something should have been done to bring the coaches into the process. I understand the vote was by the principals. We could have polled the head coaches instead of being given a situation. I wish we’d have more of a say in what will involve us directly.”

Compiled by Robin Fambrough