21 things to celebrate about Anthony Davis on his 21st birthday

1. He has a twin sister, Antoinette, who is often by his side at games and appearances. Their mother, Rainer, said the two have always been very close.

2. He said in the weeks leading up to the All-Star Game, “I plan to be in New Orleans for a while.”

3. He’s on pace to be the first player since Shaquille O’Neal in 1999-2000 to average at least 20 points, 10 rebounds and three blocked shots for a season.

4. He’s extremely fond of pizza. Relatives must bring the deep-dish variety from Beggars Pizza in Chicago when visiting. His favorite is pepperoni with simple sauce.

5. His 32 points, 17 rebounds and six blocked shots in Sunday’s overtime win over Denver. He’s the first in franchise history to put up those numbers and the first in the NBA since Dwight Howard in the 2010 season.

6. He’s a big fan of the “Friday” movie trilogy. “I wish they would make another one,” he says.

7. He’s also a big fan of “Family Guy.” “I could watch it 24/7,” he said. He counts himself a big Disney Channel fan, too.

8. He was on the honor roll all four years of high school at Chicago’s Perspectives Charter, a math and science academy with a lofty academic reputation.

9. He was all-conference as a point guard three consecutive years in high school on a team that usually had a losing record.

10. He doesn’t eat seafood but likes gumbo.

11. At 6-foot-10, he has a wingspan of 7-5½.

12. He was known as the little guy who could shoot 3-pointers from the corner in junior high before working hard on his ball-handling skills.

13. His father’s family is from Mississippi, which Davis often visits.

14. Despite a broken hand, dislocated finger and sprained shoulder this season, he has missed just eight games.

15. He arrived at Christian Brothers Elementary School on Oct. 21 for the start of the launch of the Pelicans’ junior training camps to find nearly an entire gymnasium of students wearing fake unibrows.

16. He gave $65,000 toward construction of a new basketball court at Perspectives.

17. He took a portrait-type picture with a basketball while in elementary school and told his parents he was going to play in the NBA. His family still has the picture.

18. He had 25 points and 15 rebounds vs. Orlando on Nov. 1, the youngest in franchise history to post those numbers.

19. On April 22, 2012, near the end of his freshman year at Kentucky, he threw the ceremonial first pitch for a strike in the final game of the Wildcats’ baseball series against LSU.

20. He’s one of five players to average at least 20 points and 10 rebounds in the NBA this season, joining Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMarcus Cousins and Al Jefferson. Davis is the youngest of that group.

21. He’s known as a big practical joker. Said teammate Austin Rivers: “He’s a goofy, funny dude. Everybody thinks he’s always serious, but off the camera, he’s one of the funniest dudes. He’s the biggest instigator I know. He instigates guys to do the funniest things on the team. That’s what he does. He’s like the clown of our team. People probably don’t know that, but he is.” Davis told a radio station that Rivers cries when watching his favorite movie, “The Notebook.” Rivers refuted that and also said his favorite movie actually is “The Shawshank Redemption.”