David West’s favorite all-star memory

Power forward David West played for the New Orleans Hornets when he was selected as an NBA All-Star in 2008, along with teammate Chris Paul.

“The one (in New Orleans) was my favorite All-Star Game just because we were the host city,” said West, who also was chosen the next season. “Being able to represent the team here, the home front, the home arena and really be the host for that weekend was probably the best.”

He remembers being subjected to a little rookie All-Star treatment.

“That was my first All-Star Game, and a couple of the older guys made a bet that I would air ball my first shot — which I didn’t,” he said.

That All-Star Game took place after the Hornets’ first season back in New Orleans after spending two in Oklahoma City after Hurricane Katrina.

“Katrina was still fresh, and there was a lot of involvement with that,” West said. “There was the whole thing about getting the city back on its feet, and the league’s involvement with that, with the players being involved, and that was pretty cool.

“It was a big deal, aside from the game. And, like I said, to represent the team and the city was a good feeling, especially with it being my first (All-Star Game).”

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