Maybe fishing will finally stabilize

Maybe the madness of rising, then falling, then rising water stops this week, or it looks like it’s stopping.

The Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers appear to be shedding the last of the effects of heavy Midwest rains and charts show hard falls in both rivers between now and Sunday.

That’s a big help and comes just in time for summer’s last holiday.

With light winds and seas predicted through Monday, enjoy Labor Day, and don’t believe anyone telling you that purple and gold is the hot color this week.


The high-pressure system is moving and that means more southwest and west winds mostly less than 10 knots with light seas the rule rather than the exception both inshore and offshore. Expect hot mornings and hotter afternoons.

The Mississippi is predicted to fall more than four feet and hit the 11.8 mark on the Baton Rouge gauge, then get to the 4.4 mark at New Orleans. The Atchafalaya will fall, too.


Wind direction brought swelling water levels to the rivers and bayous on Pontchartrain’s north shore and brought what was good action on bass and redfish to a screeching halt.

There was a lull in Atchafalaya Spillway catches until the water started trickling out last weekend. Bass and panfish began feeding heavily again.

With a harder fall coming in the next four days, find mixing water in the Pigeon and Old River areas. Frogs are working around stumps and grass. Crawfish- and bluegill-colored crankbaits work in the mixing water over and around points where canals run into bayous. There’s also been some action on pumpkinseed-colored jigs-n-pigs when you find cover near the points.

The falling Mississippi means the water level will stabilize in Old River, and it usually takes sac-a-lait and bass several days to orient to the cover they’ll inhabit for the next two months. Be patient, the fish are there and most likely around buttonwoods and cypress trees.


No trout reports from Lake Pontchartrain, but redfish showed up in the lake Tuesday and Wednesday near Bayou Liberty.

That tropical system provided no news from the coast last weekend, but conditions settled out Tuesday and platforms in Lake Barre reportedly gave up trout and a few redfish on live bait.

Redfish continue to fill limits east of the Mississippi. Reds are showing in the Biloxi Marsh and in the ponds near Bayou Sauvage.

Offshore catches were solid before last weekend’s blow. Amberjack, grouper and some mangrove snapper came from the West Delta rigs and the eastern section of the Grand Isle blocks.

Wahoo, blackfin and yellowfin tuna, cobia and bull dolphin came from bluewater trips.