LSU 17, Florida 6: Thumbs up, thumbs down

Thumbs up

LSU DEFENSE: This was the best game of the season by the much-maligned unit. LSU played hard and fast, and the players hit with authority. The Tigers also played a lot of cover two in the secondary, which was smart and eliminated big plays. There were no communication problems. There were a few missed tackles, but those don’t hurt as much when players are swarming to the ball.

BALANCED OFFENSE: We all knew there would come a day when “Air LSU” would be grounded. This was it, but the Tigers were able to get some solid runs out of Jeremy Hill and J.C. Copeland. Because of the balance on offense, LSU was able to consistently move the ball up and down the field and kept Florida off balance defensively most of the game.

COACHING STAFF: Outside of one call, which we will get to later, LSU was ready for this game. The calls by offensive coordinator Cam Cameron did a good job of moving the chains and keeping Florida’s highly rated defense on its toes. Credit goes to LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis as well for erasing the mistakes LSU had in its past two games with good simple schemes that were well executed.

Thumbs down

MISSED OPPORTUNITIES: LSU defensive players dropped three interceptions, which really could have put the game on ice.

LES MILES: Someone has to take the blame for the trick play when LSU inserted backup Anthony Jennings, who threw a lateral to Zach Mettenberger, who attempted a throwback to Jennings. Bad call.

METTENBERGER: The Mett had a fumble at the Florida 29, which cost LSU three points in the second quarter.