Thumbs up, thumbs down: LSU 35, Auburn 21

Thumbs up

JEREMY HILL: Hill burst through the line for a 49-yard touchdown run on his first carry. He maneuvered his way through the middle for a 10-yard TD run on his second carry. He rushed for 151 yards and two touchdowns on 14 carries in the first half.

ANOTHER FAST START BY LSU: It is one thing to have 21-0 leads against Alabama-Birmingham and Kent State, because that is expected. This time, LSU led one of the big boys in the SEC, Auburn, 21-0 at halftime. It was an impressive showing in the rain against a 3-0 team.

THE LSU DEFENSE: Auburn running back Tre Mason is fast and elusive. The offensive line is solid. Quarterback Nick Marshall won’t have anyone at Auburn reminiscing about Cam Newton, but he’s not bad. LSU shut down all three. Excellent job.

Thumbs down

FALSE-START PENALTIES: LSU had three false-start penalties in the first half, including one on its first offensive play. Les Miles won’t let that happen again.

RED-ZONE CHANCES : LSU only scored on two of three red-zone scoring chances in the first half because of a Terrence Magee fumble. It can’t do that against Alabama or Georgia for that matter. You can’t waste scoring chances against good teams.

Second-quarter lapses: You could tell it was the second quarter when LSU started making minor mental mistakes, almost as if on cue. Maybe Miles should get a sports psychiatrist to help with this problem. The time will come soon when the Tigers will need to play a complete game.

Pierce W. Huff