Thumbs up, thumbs down for LSU’s opening win

Thumbs up

The LSU offense and QB Zach Mettenberger: Did you notice the pocket awareness and accuracy Mettenberger displayed all game long? And what about the creative plays on offense called by new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron? Dare we say: match made in heaven.

LSU running back Terrence Magee: Magee, a 5-foot-9, 214-pound junior, set a Cowboys Classic record with a 52-yard touchdown run and had a 3-yard touchdown run, too. He alone could have been the reason suspended running back Jeremy Hill didn’t play.

The LSU defense: Outside of allowing a few big plays, LSU was well coached and solid. It was a good game to open the season.

Thumbs down

LSU coach Les Miles: If Miles knew he wasn’t going to play Hill, then why didn’t he say so early and avoid the drama? Miles misplayed this drama and got himself some bad PR that he could have avoided.

Inability to stop TCU running back B.J. Catalon: OK, it’s obvious that the University of Texas missed on Catalon — he is a touchdown waiting to happen. Still, LSU should have been more careful kicking off to him and trying to slow him down.

Big Ten officials: Referee John O’Neil released this statement at halftime about the last sequence of the first half: “When a helmet comes off and that’s the only thing that stops a clock, that’s an opportunity for a 10-second runoff under one minute of either half. In this case, we had two things that stopped the clock, the helmet off and an incomplete pass. As a result, that does not qualify for the 10-second runoff.” Enough said.