CAMP REPORT: Les Miles talks about his role in SyFy movie

Les Miles’ screen credits have been relatively modest in his nine-year career as LSU’s coach.

There was his appearance in an ESPN commercial for Sportscenter, where Miles’ task was to seal the deal on securing the commitment of an elite broadcasting prospect.

Or the EA Sports ad where he cast out Mike the Tiger — “You were like a son. A tiger son.” — after the mascot swapped out LSU’s signal-caller for former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III in the game College Football 2012.

Yet, Miles was in-mined for the makers of the feature-length, Louisiana-produced and recently debuted ‘Ghost Shark.’

The SyFy movie premiered Thursday, and Active Entertainment had a role in mind for Miles: The mayor of fictional Smallport. Yet Hurricane Isaac rolled into Louisiana last year during filming, pushing production into the LSU season and ruling out Miles.

Active’s COO Daniel Lewis revealed that nugget in tweet, and Miles was, well, Miles when the topic was broached Friday.

“As you can tell, by even the name, that you’d like to be a part of,” Miles said.

From there, the final minutes of Miles meeting with the media became an impromptu recreation of Inside The Actors Studio. Miles took a organic, intuitive approach to crafting his performances.

“I want you to know that I do not do lines as well as I speak,” Miles said. “Speaking is different than just delivering lines. My first commercial, I realized that.”

Apparently, Miles needed to 28 takes to perfectly deliver his lines in Bristol, Conn., during the ESPN shoot.

“This guy is looking at me like, ‘Don’t you get it,’ ” Miles said. “I’m like, ‘Obviously not.’”

Yet Miles made it clear he’s worked to hone his craft. How it would have translated during the carnage and mayhem of a ghoulish shark rampage is now lost for eternity.

“I’ve worked at it since,” Miles said. “I got the script in advance, and I performed. Whether or not I could pull of the mayor, I’m not certain.”

Robinson’s status uncertain

The wait continues for freshman Rashard Robinson’s arrival, too.

The four-star cornerback prospect, according to, out of Florida is still waiting for his transcripts to be approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse. The expectation had been that the matter would be resolved before camp concluded. Yet, LSU and Robinson are waiting for the all clear.

“They tell me there’s some really good news out there, I just haven’t seen it,” Miles said.

Miles not looking to 2014

On Wednesday, the SEC released 2014 football schedules for conference members — a topic near and dear for Miles.

The key piece of the Tigers’ docket was swapping out Arkansas for its season-finale foe in favor of new arrival Texas A&M. The switch also means LSU will play on Thanksgiving Day next season when they visit College Station.

Miles didn’t tip his hand either way as to his reaction, adding he has a team to prepare for No. 20 TCU.

“There’s some pieces to the schedule there that are interesting, and we’ll look forward to some great competition,” Miles said. “I have to be honest, I have not focused on it all.”

No change for Williford

Junior left guard Josh Williford’s status after suffering a concussion two weeks ago in practice appears to be unchanged, too.

The injury, suffered on Aug. 8, was thought to be Williford’s second serious episode since a concussion last season at Florida cost him the final seven games of the 2012 season.

On Friday, Miles indicated it will at least be a lengthy period before Williford could return.

“I don’t see him returning in the foreseeable future. So, how this thing may go, he may focus on his academics at this point. We may have to see how that happens.”

Miles likes Hill’s fitness

The status of sophomore running back Jeremy Hill, at least from the perspective of his fitness level is apparently on track.

In a scrimmage last week, Miles acknowledged Hill, who was reinstated at the beginning of camp after being suspended as he worked toward pleading guilty to an off-campus assault, had seen first-team reps.

“He’s getting some developmental reps, and doing really well, to be honest,” Miles said.

Matthew Harris