Hayden Rettig

Advocate staff photoLSU quarterback Hayden Rettig
Advocate staff photoLSU quarterback Hayden Rettig

Rettig arrived at LSU in January and participated in spring practice with an eye to try to capture the backup quarterback spot behind senior Zach Mettenberger, an important milestone on the way to deteriming the Tigers’ starter in 2014. But the four-star prospect from Los Angeles Cathedral has been mentioned little during preseason camp, overshadowed by fellow freshman Anthony Jennings and third-year sophomore Stephen Rivers. We caught up with Rettig at LSU Football Media Day to gauge where he feels he fits into the LSU offensive puzzle at this point, and what he sees for himself in the future.

The Advocate: Where do you see yourself in the LSU backup quarterback derby?

Hayden Rettig: I’m just here to learn, to be honest. To become a team player and do what I have to do to get (to play). I’m just learning the offense right now. Some freshmen learn it before other guys.

TA: Has it been a difficult learning curve for you this year?

HR: It’s always different changing from a spread offense (that he ran in high school to a pro style offense. It’ll be fun the next couple of years to learn and do what I have to do to play.

TA: Where are your emotions right now as the season approaches? Are you encouraged? Discouraged?

HR: It’s all encouraging. In the end you’re learning new things every day. We have a great offensive coordinator in coach (Cam) Cameron. He’s teaching me a lot. Everyone’s got to learn.

TA: How do you try to position yourself for 2014 when the quarterbacking job will be open after Mettenberger leaves?

HR: I just have to make sure I understand everything 100 percent, inside out, so when they give you a shot you can go in and play to the best of your ability.

Scott Rabalais