A few minutes with LSU freshman Lewis Neal

Lewis Neal
Lewis Neal

The North Carolina native has been popular in discussions about freshman defensive ends vying for playing time. Neal might be a tad undersized at 6-foot-1, 238 pounds, but he has earned praise for his power and technique early on. So, with four-star prospects Tashawn Bower and Frank Herron on campus, too, what are Neal’s thoughts about where he stands?

The Advocate: How tough is defensive line coach Brick Haley on the freshmen as they make the transition to college?

Lewis Neal: Coach Haley is critical of everything we do, because he knows we need to come in and contribute early. It’s only for the good. We never get compliments. If we do, it’s toward to get us better. He could say something that seems harsh, but it’s only to make us

better. He just wants our overall game to get better every day.

TA: Is there a moment that sticks out to you?

LN: Everything sticks out right now. I’m trying to take in everything and apply (it), just to try and get better for the future. I try to listen to every word he says.

TA: There’s been talk of you all seeing the field early. Are you all able to even think that far ahead?

CL: Of course we want to contribute, but we’ve got to remember they’re still telling us where to line up at and what we’re supposed to do. If (Haley) doesn’t trust us, he’s not going to put us out on the field.