SEC Media Days: They said it

The most memorable quotes from Tuesday’s interview sessions:

“LSU. I couldn’t see signals from the sidelines. My eyes were vibrating.”
— South Carolina WR Bruce Ellington on Tiger Stadium being the toughest place he’s played.

“They’ve got Kansas on the tail end of their name. I do not like Kansas at all.”
— Missouri WR L’Damian Washington on a potential rivalry with Arkansas

“Hugh Freeze and I have a lot in common. We both play golf. We both wear visors. We both call plays.”
— South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier on his budding friendship with Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze

“When I was a high school coach, I was asked this last year on ESPN when we went to the car wash, why I wore a visor. When I was a high school coach, I wanted to be like Steve Spurrier. That’s the truth. Ever since then, Steve and I have become really good friends. He liked that story. He calls me his visor guy.”
— Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze on why he wears a visor on the sideline.

“Notwithstanding the fact that our institutions have mechanisms in place to recognize problems, support systems to address personal issues, policies to provide implementation of discipline and the willingness to enforce these policies, it is a crushing disappointment when, despite all of these efforts, a young person throws away the opportunity for a promising future.”
— SEC commissioner Mike Slive on recent off-the-field incidents involving high-profile SEC players

“There was a guy on a punt block in high school that I about killed.”
— South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney on whether he’s had bigger hit than the one he notched in the Outback Bowl.

“You’re 100 percent responsible for the young man. I can’t possibly know everything that happens every single night with our football team. You also can’t stick your head in the sand and pretend everything is OK either. You need to be very aware of the kind of guys your guys are hanging out with.”
— Florida coach Will Muschamp on how coaches are responsible for players’ behavior.

“Some people compared it more to being in a car accident than what happens on the football field.”
— Missouri coach Gary Pinkel on the severity of tailback Henry Josey’s knee injury two years ago.

“She got one, but mine was bigger.”
— Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel on hog-hunting with his girlfriend in the offseason.

“We didn’t do anything wrong. The University of Florida didn’t do anything wrong. And so we appreciated our friends from Ohio making sure we’re compliant with NCAA rules. They certainly know a little bit about that subject.”
— Florida coach Will Muschamp on reports that Ohio State turned in the Gators for a recruiting violation.

“I tell our team, unrealistic expectations produce frustration.”
— Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze on handling the Rebels after a bowl victory and a top-10 recruiting class.