they said it

The most memorable quotes from Wednesday’s interview sessions:

“I would come right at (him). I’m not one of those quarterbacks who said he’s scared of him.”

— Texas A&M quarterback Johnny

Manziel on facing South Carolina

pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney

“They are starting to create some stir. I think certainly when you go around the state of Mississippi, it will make Thanksgiving night this fall.”

— Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen on Ole Miss’ recent momentum from a bowl victory and in recruiting.

“They’re on the come up, but the thing is, we’re Tennessee. Us losing to Vanderbilt happens every so often. But I promise you it won’t happen again.

— Tennessee offensive lineman

Antonio Richardson on the

Volunteers’ rivalry with Vanderbilt

“I love it. He’s so charismatic. He’s been so successful. I love spending time with coach Cal.”

— Kentucky coach Mark Stoops

on his relationship with

basketball coach John Calipari

“I thought it was a joke. ... That’s like saying the defense shouldn’t blitz after a first down because they’re a little fatigued and there’s liable to be a big collision in the backfield.”

— Auburn coach Gus Malzahn

on criticism that hurry-up

offenses cause injuries

“See, the problem you guys got me in, the good things I say about the SEC, everybody else gets (upset) and vice versa. I’m in a quandary here. It’s just reality.”

— Arkansas coach Brett Bielema’s thoughts on taking a job in a

conference he’s criticized in the past

“Whatever it takes to get you amped up. If that’s what it takes to get you amped up, that don’t mean a lot. In our weight room, we’ve got A&M (stuff) as well. That’s amping us up.”

— Texas A&M cornerback Toney Hurd Jr. on learning Alabama had highlights of last season’s loss to the Aggies

playing in their weight room.

“It was unbelievable. I can’t even explain it. I remember just looking up and I was like, ‘Man, I haven’t seen fans this excited in months.’ I was on the sideline during the game and seeing The Wave. The Wave lasted like 15 minutes.”

— Kentucky defensive lineman Donte Rumph on 50,000 fans showing up to the Wildcats’ spring game.

“Unfortunately, you’ve got some people, if they take a picture, if they tweet individually, that person, it becomes as newsworthy as anybody who is in this room.

That’s something that young people need to continue to understand, whether they’re in college, whether they’re at the pro level, whether they’re in high school. ”

— Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin on dealing with players using social media

“That’s our job. On every play there’s holding. It’s just whether it gets called or not.”

— Tennessee offensive lineman Ja’Wuan James on getting called for holding

“I like having him on Twitter. He tweeted me ‘Happy birthday’ on my birthday and told me I had a nice bowtie once.”

— Arkansas fullback Kiero Small on coach Brett Bielema’s savvy with Twitter

“We’re looking forward to Aug. 31. They disrespected our field celebrating that they won.”

— Kentucky running back Raymond Sanders on getting a crack at Western Kentucky after losing to them last season