Tight end Travis Dickson catches five passes and a touchdown

What we learned

The LSU-Ole Miss rivalry still has the power to produce unparalleled drama. Every LSU rivalry is overshadowed by Alabama these days, and Texas A&M may soon follow right behind. But since 1958, the Tigers have played more heartstopping, on-the-edge-of-your-seat games with the Rebels than any other opponent. Saturday’s win was but the latest thrilling chapter in a most compelling history.

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Odell Beckham Jr., or OBJ to his friends. His 89-yard punt return, against Ole Miss, running south to north just like Billy Cannon in 1959, won’t eclipse Cannon’s Halloween night legendary run. But much like Cannon’s run, it was hugely important for LSU’s hopes Saturday, and few who saw it will soon forget it.

Final thoughts

LSU’s defense hasn’t really looked right since the last drive of the Alabama game, the Tigers could have lost multiple games with the self-destructive mistakes they made and they almost let the Rebels blow their BCS hopes to smithereens. And yet, the Tigers won another nail biter, a win that for LSU’s 15 seniors was made sweeter for the struggle.

Scott Rabalais

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