Kim Boyle, chairman of the Women’s Final Four host committee, talks about why locals should check out the event, on how winning and losing cases is like winning and losing games, and who’s going to be the national champion.

What motivated you to take chairmanship of the host committee?

I thought that it would be a wonderful opportunity to volunteer for a major sporting event in New Orleans in which our skills as the “go-to city” for tourism and sporting events could be showcased. Also, I thought that it would be rewarding and a great deal of fun to work with all of the entities and individuals who are involved in putting on an event of this magnitude: Tulane, where I serve as board member; the City of New Orleans, the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation, the Sugar Bowl Committee and a host of other dedicated and committed individuals and organizations.

Why should folks take part in the activities in and around the games?

New Orleans is a major sports city, and our citizens not only love watching sports, but also participating in sporting events. There are a number of free events for students in the community which will not only highlight their athletic skills but will also be challenging and fun. We are hoping to have as many young people, as possible, participate in the “Big Easy Bounce,” the clinics, the 4 Kay run, Tourney Town, and other related events.

What kind of athlete were you growing up?

I was an average athlete. In addition to normal activities related to physical education activities at school, I played tennis for a number of years. I am hoping to start playing tennis again this year.

What’s your fitness regimen today?

Unfortunately, I have not had as much time as I would like to focus upon my own participation in sports now, but I hope that will improve in 2013. This tournament has given me a great deal of incentive to get involved and focus upon a fitness regimen.

You’re a Princeton graduate. Didn’t it sort of get your goat that Harvard won its first-round game in the NCAA tournament?

Not really. What is great about the NCAA men’s and women’s tournaments is the fact that a “Cinderella team” is in the spotlight every year. There are always teams no one expects to win who are matched against a powerhouse team, and the underdog beats the top-ranked team.

You’re now an attorney. To you, is winning or losing a case like winning or losing a game must be to a coach?

It is difficult for me to make a real comparison to coaching since I have never been a coach. However, all of us who are dedicated to our profession and other endeavors want to do well, and it is extremely disappointing when we do not prevail. As an attorney, I am representing the interests of my clients at all times, so losing is always very difficult because it means that I did not achieve the result that I wanted for my client. However, when I lose, hopefully I have learned something important as a result of the case that will help me improve for the next case and next client. I assume that coaches also approach losing as a learning experience, while also being very disappointed.

What’s your best advice to girls considering becoming an attorney?

My advice to any student, young women and young men, who are interested in becoming an attorney, is to work hard. There is no substitute for a strong work ethic, dedication and commitment. Also, I would recommend that any student remember that there is no substitute for personal integrity.

Who is your favorite athlete of all-time?

Jackie Robinson. The sports world would be very different today if not for his courage in breaking the color barrier in baseball in 1947.

If you could swap places with any athlete, current or former, who would it be and why?

While I admire a number of athletes, I am not interested in swapping places with anyone. I truly enjoy what I am doing.

Who’s going to be in the Women’s Final Four, and who’s going to win it all and why?

Obviously, there is a significant potential for upsets this weekend. However, at a minimum, I think that Baylor will be in the Final Four, and possibly Notre Dame. However, UConn is always a contender, and remember that Stanford beat Baylor this year. Clearly, as Louisiana sports fans, we hope that LSU wins.

Ted Lewis