Kelly doesn’t know if hoax affected Teo’s play

of the office Tuesday, and his assistant, Donna Brown, said plans for a meeting later this week wouldn’t be finalized until Wednesday.

Catholic football coach Dale Weiner said he was impressed with how the group calmly and collectively discussed working with the LHSAA and other numerous options, including potential litigation and the possibility that select schools, many of which are private schools, would elect to form their own association.

“I think the consensus was that we can’t sit on our hands and accept the status quo,” Weiner said. “I don’t think anybody wants to leave the association. But there was discussion about making our feelings known to the LHSAA, about some of the other possibilities out there, like litigation and about forming a separate association.

“With that said, who knows what’s going to happen from here? This was just one meeting. But I was real impressed with the way everyone discussed a number of things without being emotional about it.”

Notre Dame-Crowley football coach Lewis Cook added, “It was very productive to get everybody’s thoughts and feelings. Nobody wants to leave the LHSAA, but nobody is happy with this plan to split it, either. But we did get a plan together. That’s what today was about.”

Shreveport’s Evangel Christian Academy was represented at the meeting, along with Natchitoches-based St. Mary’s.

The list of Baton Rouge schools in attendance included PBS, Episcopal, The Dunham School, St. Michael the Archangel, Catholic High, St. John-Plaquemine, Ascension Catholic and St. Joseph’s Academy.

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