December BR Singles tourney starts Saturday

We’ve taken a breath from the three weeks of the city tournaments, and now it is back to the lanes this weekend for the December edition of the BR Singles Tournament at Circle Bowl.

The two-day event carries a large prize fund and a format that allows men or women, high average or handicap to capture the title.

Qualifying shifts start on Saturday at 9 a.m. with shifts at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. The top 96 bowlers will advance to the semifinals at 10 a.m. on Sunday for the 32 spots in the finals, when it becomes a two-game match bracket event when anything can — and usually does — happen.

Bowlers from all over Louisiana and several states are expected to participate. Entry forms are available at the bowling center.

Youth Championships

The final results are still being finalized in the open and women’s city tournament, but we are going to run through some of the youth tournament results as we have them because it will take more than one column to hit all the winners. Remember, complete unofficial results are at

The team event winners were Preps: All Star Kids, 2,661; Juniors: King & His Court 2,732; Major-Seniors: Strike Force, 2,799.

In doubles, the Bantam winners were Layla Legendre and Joseph Phillips in the boys (1,281) and Kayla Thomas and Alyssa Farman (1,472) in the girls. Bryson Webb and Donald Butler won the boys prep division (1,333). The junior boys title went to Deontrae Taylor and Frederic Taylor (1,465), while the score of 1,435 won for the junior girls team of Bailee Chapman and Avery Laughlin. The Major-Senior female winners were Ashley Denton and Nicole Andorf at 1,272, while Damarces Scharnett and Jade Villeneuve won the boys side at 1,389.

Phillips took Bantam singles, while Thomas (796) and Joseph Barnes (751) took prep honors. Chapman (731) and Dylan Ringo (766) were the best in the junior division, while Kiara Smith (757) and Andrew Podorsky won the titles in the major-senior category.

Handicap all-events winners were Phillips (2,042) in bantams, Thomas (2,380) and Barnes (2,118) in the preps, Chapman (2,227) and Ringo (2,230) in juniors and Smith (2,034) and Justin Bui (2,090) in the major-senior category.

The scratch all-events were based on average divisions with Kiara Smith winning the 140 and over female scratch division at 1,818 (202 average), while Bui shot 2,090 in the 160-and-over boys scratch division (232 average). In the female 139-and-under bracket, Averi Laughlin won with a 1,480 score while Dylan Ringo averaged 188 (1,699) to win the 159-and-under average scratch all-events.

We hope to have the other two tournaments ready to go when we join you in two weeks.

PBA begins

The PBA telecasts will begin on Dec. 9 at noon on ESPN. The series starts from the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas with the World Bowling Tour Finals for men and women. The shows taped in Las Vegas will run for six weeks, concluding Jan. 13 with the PBA World Championship.

Honor Roll notes

John Amedee rolled a near perfect 299 as part of a fine 821 (299, 245, 277) series that led the league bowlers the last two weeks. The women’s high was 743 also with a 299 by Lyndsey Stewart. Curtis Westmoland led the youth bowlers with 722 (289) as Ian Widdick (707) and Gregory Snee (703) also topped 700. Mike Bass again led the senior leagues with 729 (256).

Michael Daniels, Nick Johnson, Raymond Tullier and Sumner Taylor all had perfect 300 games, while Nick Boudreaux had 11 strikes in a 297 effort. Steven Major’s 721 was his first 700 and Allen Cope had a 226 triplicate score of 678. C. W. Wright shot 625, 130 pins over average, while Debbi Guy’s 527 was 127 pins over average. Senior bowler Vicki Broussard was 50 pins over average.

Back with you on Dec. 11. Until then, good luck and good bowling.