1. SEATTLE (11-2)

Last week: 1st

Despite loss, they keep top spot after Denver hiccup.

2. NEW ENGLAND (10-3)

Last week: 3rd

After all their injuries, they’re getting the job done.

3. NEW ORLEANS (10-3)

Last week: 5th

They made a statement after that bad loss in Seattle.

4. DENVER (11-3)

Last week: 2nd

Their shaky defense is starting to become a liability.


Last week: 6th

After a mid-November lapse, they’re back on track.


Last week: 7th

They’re sitting pretty if Broncos and Patriots falter.

7. KANSAS CITY (10-3)

Last week: 9th

They still have outside shot at winning division title.


Last week: 10th

Could they be looking at trap game against Vikings?

9. CAROLINA (9-4)

Last week: 4th

They took a hit last week, but have a lot to play for.

10. ARIZONA (8-5)

Last week: 13th

They’re positioning themselves for a playoff berth.


Last week: 8th

In good shape early, they’re starting to come apart.

12. BALTIMORE (7-6)

Last week: 14th

Super Bowl champions are making a solid run late.

13. CHICAGO (7-6)

Last week: 16th

They needed win vs. Dallas. Can they do it again?

14. MIAMI (7-6)

Last week: 15th

They won’t go away but face big test vs. Patriots.

15. SAN DIEGO (7-7)

Last week: 17th

Give them big-time props for that Mile High win.

16. DETROIT (7-6)

Last week: 12th

After tough Snow Bowl loss, they get the Ravens.

The second half

17. Dallas (7-6) Last week: 11th

18. Green Bay (6-6-1) Last week: 18th

19. N.Y. Jets (6-7) Last week: 23rd

20. N.Y. Giants (5-8) Last week: 19th

21. Tennessee (5-8) Last week: 20th

22. St. Louis (5-8) Last week: 21st

23. Pittsburgh (5-8) Last week: 22nd

24. Buffalo (4-9) Last week: 24th

25. Jacksonville (4-9) Last week: 28th

26. Tampa Bay (4-9) Last week: 29th

27. Minnesota (3-9-1) Last week: 25th

28. Atlanta (3-10) Last week: 26th

29. Oakland (4-9) Last week: 27th

30. Cleveland (4-9) Last week: 30th

31. Washington (3-10) Last week: 31st

32. Houston (2-11) Last week: 32nd

Game to watch

New England (10-3) at Miami (7-6)

Noon Sunday, Sun Life Stadium (CBS)

Thanks to the Denver Broncos’ surprising loss on Thursday night, the Patriots suddenly have a golden opportunity to climb into the driver’s seat to in the race for the AFC’s No. 1 seed with a win against the Dolphins. The Patriots rarely fail when given such a chance although it could be a tough assignment against a team fighting for a postseason berth.

Mick’s picks

Saints (-6) over Rams

Falcons (-7) over Redskins

49ers (-51/2) over Bucs

Cardinals (-21/2) over Titans

Seahawks (-7) over Giants

Browns (-11/2) over Bears

Colts (-51/2) over Texans

Jaguars (+21/2) over Bills

Patriots (-21/2) over Dolphins

Eagles (-41/2) over Vikings

Jets (+11) over Panthers

Chiefs (-41/2) over Raiders

Cowboys (-7) over Packers

Steelers (+3) over Bengals

Ravens (+6) over Lions

Last week: 7-8-0 (.467)

Season totals: 76-110-6 (.411)

TV schedule


Noon: Seahawks at Giants (Fox)

Noon: Patriots at Dolphins (CBS)

3:25 p.m.: Saints at Rams (Fox)

7:30 p.m.: Bengals at Steelers (NBC)


7:40 p.m.: Ravens at Lions (ESPN)

Sheldon Mickles