A few minutes with ... Darion Williams

Darion Williams, Scotlandville High, senior quarterback

How does last Friday’s 20-19 victory over McKinley rate for you in terms of excitement?

“It’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been a part of. I kept pushing my teammates and telling them as long as there was time on the clock we had time to win.”

You threw the game-winning TD pass to running back Dontrell Hilliard, a 20-yarder, with 4.8 seconds left. How do you rate your performance?

“I’d give myself a C or maybe a C-plus. I didn’t do that well in the first half. But at halftime, I got with my teammates, and we were determined to do better. I think we all played better in the second half.”

What did you work on over the summer?

“This is my second year as a starter. I knew I needed to be better at throwing the ball, so I worked hard in 7-on-7s this summer. I tried to be at the top of my game every week.”

You’re a good student. What’s your grade-point average and what will be your college major?

“I’ve got a 3.6, and I’m in the engineering magnet program here. I want to major in either mechanical or civil engineering. I’m not sure which.”

Scotlandville is one of two magnet schools in the LHSAA’s select Division I for football. Has the team talked about it and what do you think about it?

“Coach (Eric) Randall (Scotlandville coach) told us about it this summer. I’m O.K. with it. There are only 10 teams total and because of that we like our chances in the playoffs.”

What is your favorite app on your phone?

“It’s the utube app. I love to go on there and see all the plays other guys post of themselves. That motivates me to be a better player.”

Who is your favorite pro quarterback?

“Cam Newton. I like the fact that he competes hard, but he also has fun when he plays football. Football is a lot of work, but it’s something you should enjoy. Cam Newton proves you can play and have fun at every level.”

What do you think about your next opponent, East St. John?

“They’re going to be tough. We know their defense is good. We need to go there focused and ready to play on every down.”

Robin Fambrough