What we learned

The Saints never did figure out this defense thing through the course of the season. They played a little better at times after a tough start, but finished the season the same way they started it Sept. 9 — giving up a ton of yards.e_SClBTrending now

Drew Brees threw for 5,000 yards for the third time in five seasons, but for the second time, he was unable to enjoy it. The first time Brees did it, back in 2008, the Saints failed to make the playoffs — as they did this season.e_SClBFinal thoughts

Unbeaten at home in 2011, the Saints lost for the second time this season
despite having a double-digit second-half lead. They fell Sunday after leading by 11 in the third period and led Kansas City by 18 in the third quarter Sept. 23 before losing.

Sheldon Mickles