Rahm establishes city record with 868

Well, a column that was already loaded with BR Singles and city tournament results, holiday hours at the local lanes and a review of the opening weekend of PBA Tour, has a new lead on this Tuesday as bowling’s city record has been bested for the first time in over four years.

John Rahm posted games of 290-300-278 for the new city standard of 868 on
Dec. 3 at All-Star Lanes. He upped by 14 pins (854) the mark set in the fall of 2008 by Sumner Taylor at Metro Bowl and equaled at All-Star Lanes by Eric White on April 1, 2009. The numbers are beginning to get beyond belief as Rahm pounded the pocket, and more importantly, got the pins to carry.

So remembering that 900 is as good a series as can be shot with three perfect 300 games, Rahm has left the smallest wiggle room for the next person to take a shot at him without being perfect. Three 290 games equals 870. But beyond 870, it gets to the point where someone is going to have to fire the first 11 strikes in at least two games to make it happen.

It’s hard to get a grasp on this scoring craze that we have lately. Although not in the honor roll this time, there was an 800 fired at Circle Bowl last Thursday as well by Jason DeBenedetto, so who knows, could a 900 actually be shot in this city?

While congratulating John, one has to wonder whether it will be John or someone else who will take the mark up another step at some point in the future.

BR singles

In the latest BR Singles event last weekend, Houston’s Shawn Maldonado, a 243 average bowler, downed Justin Veitch of New Orleans in the championship match. Veitch, who entered with a 253 average, is the husband of Hayley Veitch, coach of the Tulane women’s bowling team.

Maldonado won the two-game match 428-404 with games of 218-210. Maldonado averaged 220 for his 25 tournament games and won $2,149.50, and Veitch cashed in for $1,074.75.

Maldonado defeated Brandy Sanderson 417-322 as the Bossier City bowler was injured in the match and completed the match to receive the prize money. Veitch beat Shawn Breaud of Slidell 446-389. Both semifinalists received $451.

In the quarterfinal round, David Berg Sr. was the lone local bowler in that group, getting $300.93, with Joey Amadeo and Ariel Longcop the round of 16 advancers from BR, getting $171.96.

City tournament

There are so many results in the men’s and women’s tournament that it would be impossible to get them all in without taking the rest of this and most of the next column, so please feel free to go to www.greaterbatonrougeusbc.com.

Let’s hit some of the highlights of the Open event as Peter Fontaine and Allen Cope won handicap doubles (1,486), while Michael Cook and Jason Webb (1,395) had the best scratch score. DeBenedetto had an 805 to win handicap singles, while Allen Dalton had 764 to take scratch singles. Richard Loudenslager had the best handicap all-events with 2,290, while the scratch all-events champion is Greg Snee at 2,242 (249 average). The Hole in the Ball Pro Shop No. 3 team won the championship at 2,917.

In the women’s tournament, Strikes R Us were the team winners with 2,873, while Samantha Sims and Cheryl Knotts won handicap doubles with 1,459. Lyndsey Stewart and Tristan Senegal (1,309) had the best scratch score. Shawna Isaacs (742) had the best handicap singles score, while Senegal posted a 736 scratch score. Congrats to all-events winner Sarah Poche, who took both the handicap (2,241) and scratch (2,136-237 average) divisions.

Honor roll notes

There were lots of other good scores besides the city record. Bernadine Thompson had a 729 (279) for the ladies, while Angela Falgoust was the best in the youth leagues at 684. Mike Bass’ 683 (259) topped senior bowlers.

B. J. Autin, Gordon Shepherd, Duke Koontz, Vern Carlson (with best ever series of 762) had 300 games, while Brett Vann shot 299. Sumner Taylor, Terry Moore, Terry Zacharchenko, Gary DeWitt and Delery Matherne all had 290 games. Jason LeBlanc bowled his first 600 series, a 611, while Clark McLellan and senior bowler C. J. Broussard had sets 50 pins over average.

Holiday hours

Circle Bowl will be closed Christmas Eve and open on Christmas afternoon, while Metro Bowl will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. All-Star Lanes will close Christmas Eve and open at 3 p.m. on Christmas afternoon.

We’re back with you on Christmas Day. We’ll get a look at the early PBA events (remember, they air Sundays at noon on ESPN) and check what the centers are doing for the New Year.

Until then, good luck and good bowling.