A few minutes with ... Bobby Hebert

Ex-Saints quarterback and current radio personality Bobby Hebert talks about the Saints’ playoff hopes, his favorite athletes and proper press box decorum.

Put yourself in Saints quarterback Drew Brees’ shoes from the other night in Atlanta. How long does it take a quarterback to get over a game like that?

First off, I had kids, like Drew, so once you get home, you start the process of getting over it, and being thankful of your family’s support. Once you get back to practice for the next game, it’s out of sight, out of mind. The 24-48 hour rule.

Are the Saints’ playoff hopes over?

Not mathematically, but even if they go on a four-game winning streak, and run the table, I don’t see them catching Seattle.

Did LSU football coach Les Miles deserve his raise and contact extension?

Based on his teams winning 10 or more games, in six of his last eight seasons, you would have to say yes. He brings stability and keeps money rolling in. With that being said, I’ve never seen a coach with that much success and not have a lot of fan base not being on board.

Has the expectation level for programs like LSU risen to unreasonable rates?

Without a doubt. All the top programs in the SEC expect to win, but can’t all be champions. With the resources LSU has, fans should expect a top 10 team year in, and year out, and because of winning two national championships in the past decade.

Who is your favorite current NFL player?

Adrian Peterson, running back for the Vikings. It’s amazing to see him come back from major knee surgery and to dominate. Linebacker London Fletcher of the Redskins, too. To be that productive for so long and stay away from injuries is amazing.

Who is your favorite current athlete from another sport?

Usain Bolt, the fastest human in the world.

If you could switch places with any athlete — past or current — for a day, who would that be?

David Beckham, because he’s known worldwide.

You’ve had an interesting life. Who plays you in the Bobby Hebert Story? Who plays your wife, JoJo?

Rami Malek. He played Snafu from the HBO miniseries “The Pacific.” He looks almost exactly like me when I was young. Cameron Diaz for JoJo. They don’t look so much alike, but they have a very similar personalities.

JoJo’s a big fan of the soap opera “Young & the Restless.” Do you ever watch the show, and who is your favorite character?

I don’t watch “Young and the Restless,” but I do watch the “Housewives” shows with JoJo. It makes me appreciate her even more and be so thankful that she’s not at all like that!

Are you behaving yourself in press boxes these days?

Sometimes, I get carried away a bit. But I’m trying to compose myself a little more.

Ted Lewis