Port Allen’s city attorney announces resignation

Victor Woods
Victor Woods

City Attorney Victor Woods notified members of the Port Allen City Council Monday that he is resigning from his post on June 30 — the last day of the fiscal year.

The announcement of Woods’ resignation comes three days after a group of citizens filed a recall petition with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office against Mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter.

Slaughter became the target of a recall just five months into her first term as mayor due to an ongoing conflict with members of the City Council and a legal battle with city Chief Financial Officer Audrey McCain, who Slaughter tried to fire in February.

Woods said Monday his decision to quit as the city’s attorney had nothing to do with the political upheaval permeating inside the city’s government.

“I wasn’t forced to do this by anyone and it’s not a reaction to anything that’s going on,” Woods said. “I told the mayor back in February I wanted to help her through this fiscal year, and then I wanted to be replaced.”

According to a resignation letter dated May 29 to the mayor, Woods had intended to stay on the city’s payroll until the mayor could name his replacement.

“But now it is my intent to designate a specific date for my departure,” Woods wrote to Slaughter. “I kindly ask that you name your replacement for possible confirmation at the next meeting.”

The City Council meets Wednesday.

Slaughter said Monday she didn’t have a replacement in mind for Woods yet.

“We’ll have to go through the council,” she said. “There will be a process.”

As for Woods’ decision to resign, Slaughter said, “When it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on. He mentioned he was ready to look for a change.”

Woods has served as the city’s attorney since 1997. He is also part of a private law firm in Addis.

In his resignation letter, Woods called his employment with the city a choice he felt obligated to do.

“I feel that all attorneys have an obligation and duty to engage in service to their communities in some manner during their careers,” Woods wrote.