Pointe Coupee gets sites certified

The Greater Pointe Coupee Parish Chamber of Economic Development has been busy this month certifying several Louisiana Economic Development sites in a move to better position the parish as a hot spot for attracting new industry.

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber announced Dec. 5 that two new sites had been certified in Pointe Coupee Parish under the Louisiana Economic Development certified sites program.

Les Cantrell, director of economic development for the parish’s Chamber of Commerce, said a third LED site had been certified Dec. 11 in Pointe Coupee.

The LED certified sites program is geared toward identifying and preparing information on viable properties that companies looking to relocate into new areas can quickly evaluate.

Certified sites either have all the utilities and infrastructure in place or have approved engineering plans to provide the necessary utility infrastructure within 180 days, according to a chamber news release.

“All this information is loaded on a flash drive and can be downloaded,” Cantrell said. “Companies from around the world looking to relocate elsewhere can just sit down and go through the information and determine if this is a site they want to visit. Louisiana Economic Development has a very heavy emphasis on getting certified sites so we can compete nationally to get these industries.”

According to the release, there are eight LED-certified sites within BRAC’s capital region.

“BRAC set a goal in 2012 to certify eight sites in the Capital Region under the LED program,” Ian Vasey, BRAC executive director of business development, said in the release.

“This is an accomplishment for both Pointe Coupee and the region.”

The first new listing in Pointe Coupee is a 902-acre site located in Bachelor, the news release states.

The second is a 1,542-acre section of undeveloped land in Jarreau, according to the release.

Cantrell said the final LED site certified this month is a 72-acre tract of land in New Roads.

Certification of all three sites was made possible through partnerships among BRAC, the parish’s Tax Assessor’s Office, Police Jury and local businesses and elected officials in the site cities.

“These sites will help to bring jobs to the parish,” Cantrell said.

“It also adds to the tax base in the parish, and the state, which is greatly needed in these economic times.”

Pointe Coupee Parish Police Jury President Melanie Bueche said she thinks the new LED sites will place the parish in line to become a booming, industry-driven place.

“We just need the first industry to buy in here and you will see other industries quickly follow,” Bueche said.

“We are a jewel that has not been cut. And we (the Police Jury) realize this is so important for our parish to be able to sustain itself.”