McCain likes Christie, Jindal for 2016 ticket

Two years ahead of the next White House race, the McCain family is a bit divided on who should be among the contenders.

Former Republican presidential nominee John McCain offered his preferences Monday night on “The Tonight Show:” “I like Chris Christie. I like Bobby Jindal. I like a number of those people who have succeeded in states that have both Republican and Democrat,” he said.

Seated next to her father, Meghan McCain joked that Christie has a beef with her because she favors Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

“I like Chris Christie, but we got into a fight and now I don’t like him any more,” she said, explaining that Christie went “pretty crazy” after she voiced support for Rubio.

In a prepared statement, Jindal said: “It’s no secret that I think John McCain is an American hero. People love him for his service and his candor.”

There’s been no word on what Christie thought of the McCains’ remarks.

In October, Jindal launched a nonprofit organization that could signal the start of a presidential campaign. The governor said at the time that America Next will deliver solutions on national topics such as health care, energy and education.