Two teens accused of tweeting bomb threats against East Ascension High

A 16-year-old boy recently expelled from East Ascension High was booked on a felony count of terrorizing and a misdemeanor count of cyberstalking Monday after making bomb threats via Twitter against the school, Gonzales police Detective Sgt. Steven Nethken said.

Also Monday, the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office booked a 15-year-old on the same counts for making a copycat bomb threat against the school, Chief Deputy Tony Bacala said.

The initial threat was traced back to the 16-year-old, who was found at a relative’s home and was taken to the police station, Nethken said.

The teenager admitted to sending the tweet, saying he thought it was funny.

Nethken said the 16-year-old has been booked into the Assumption Parish Youth Detention Center.

School administrators learned about the first tweet threat around 9 a.m. Monday and told the juvenile school resource detective on site, who in turn called city police, Nethken said.

Louisiana State Police brought in bomb-sniffing dogs to check the cafeteria, school common grounds and other areas mentioned in the threatening tweets but found nothing, police said.

The 15-year-old is accused of making the copycat tweet against another part of the school, Bacala said.

The teenager made the tweet from an alternative school he was attending outside of city limits. He has been booked into the Assumption Parish Youth Detention Center, Bacala said.

Despite the threats, school officials chose not to put the school on lockdown, said Johnnie Balfantz, Ascension Parish School Board public information officer.

“Each emergency situation is different, and we have emergency policies and procedures in place” for each situation, Balfantz said.