Ponchatoula man accused in American Legion theft

Randall Baldini
Randall Baldini

Ponchatoula police arrested a 62-year-old man Friday accused in the theft of about $70,000 from an American Legion post over a 14-year period, a Police Department spokesman said.

Randall C. “Randy” Baldini, of West McClellan Street, Ponchatoula, was booked into the Tangipahoa Parish Jail on a count of felony theft, Lt. Mark Perrin said in a news release.

Baldini is the finance officer of A merican Legion Post No. 47, of Ponchatoula, according to the post’s website.

Members of American Legion Post No. 47 told police about the thefts on Oct. 30 after Baldini admitted to American Legion members that he was stealing the money, Perrin said.

Baldini told detectives he cashed the post’s certificates of deposit and other funds intended for the post and he began stealing the money around 1999, Perrin said.

Perrin said he was not sure how American Legion members discovered the thefts or how much money Baldini took each time he embezzled funds.

Officials from the Ponchatoula post did not return phone calls for comment Tuesday.

The American Legion, formed in 1919, serves as a veterans service organization that also sponsors youth mentoring and community programs.