Father looks for answers following his son’s death Monday

As police continue their search for the person who fatally shot Brandon Wright outside his home Monday, Wright’s father struggles with the fact his son is gone and he does not know why.

“That’s what we’re trying to wrap our heads around,” Esau Wright Jr. said Wednesday afternoon. “It’s tough, but we’re making it.”

Brandon Wright, 24, 10125 Ballina Ave., was found shot multiple times Monday at 10:39 p.m. next to a white Dodge Avenger on Ballina Avenue.

He later died at a hospital.

Parish Coroner Dr. Beau Clark said Brandon Wright died from multiple wounds.

He said he cannot point to a singular killing blow.

“There were multiple lethal-type injuries,” he said.

Police said they did not have a motive for the shooting and spokesman Cpl. Don Coppola Jr. said Wednesday that there was no new developments in the case.

Esau Wright said even though no one has come forward to tell the family what happened, in his heart he believes the killer had some sort of vendetta against his son. But he cannot imagine someone would take the vendetta to that level.

Brandon Wright attended Broadmoor High School, but did not graduate.

He earned his GED and began training at the Diesel Driving Academy to become a long-haul truck driver about a month ago, Esau Wright said.

He was a big Saints fan, but loved sports in general and could cook, though he was no Emeril Lagasse, his father said.

In the days following Brandon Wright’s death, Esau Wright said he and family members have been inundated with phone calls and well-wishes from people they never met who said Brandon Wright touched their lives with his humor and playful nature.

“It’s extremely comforting because that’s a side of him that I didn’t know was there,” he said. “I knew he was always personable. To realize that he touched so many lives, it amazes me and makes me proud. It’s like, ‘Hey, we got something right.’ ”

Brandon Wright’s playful nature though belied a serious side that was extremely protective of his family.

Esau Wright said he was involved in an accident in March when a vehicle ran a red light and hit him while he was on his motorcycle.

At the time, Brandon joked about his father not riding again, but Esau Wright said he knew his son was worried about him.

Esau Wright said his son’s death is especially hard to swallow because his son had become a father about a year ago to a boy he named Brandon Wright Jr.

The birth had a profound effect on Brandon Wright, helping him grow up and move forward with his life, his father said.

“Within the last three years and definitely within the last year, he’d begun to find his niche in life,” Esau Wright said.

He said Brandon Wright loved his son and the love was reciprocated by the toddler.

“Just through his interaction with his son and when they would come by here, his son didn’t want have nothing to do with anybody but Brandon,” Esau Wright said.