Self-tipping pizza driver delivered to parish jail

A 20-year-old Gonzales pizza delivery driver has been arrested after allegedly inflating the size of tips given him by cardholders.

Jordan Morgan, 1146 E. Angela St., Gonzales, was booked into the Ascension Parish Jail on Thursday on two counts of forgery and theft after his employer uncovered tip discrepancies, police Sgt. Steven Nethken said in a news release.

Morgan began working as a delivery driver for what Nethken referred to as a local chain pizza restaurant on May 9, and after less than two weeks on the job, customers alleged that he altered two credit card receipts by increasing the tip amounts after delivering pizzas to customers.

Management discovered the altered receipts on May 18, notified the customers and alerted authorities.

Morgan was dismissed by the restaurant and remained in parish jail Thursday awaiting a bond hearing.

Nethken encouraged residents to review their credit and debit card statements, especially transactions where tips may be applied, and report suspected fraud to the authorities.