4 blast survivors under treatment in BR

Four shipyard workers badly burned in an explosion aboard a production platform Friday morning in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana remained under treatment Saturday at Baton Rouge General Medical Center-Mid City and its Regional Burn Center, hospital officials said.

Dr. Jeffrey Littleton, burn surgeon and chairman of the medical center’s Surgery Department, said the four workers, all from the Philippines, sustained major burns in the explosion and the next few days will be critical for their recovery.

Two patients remained in critical condition, while two others were in serious condition, all with major burns, he said.

“We are all focused on doing everything we can to restore these patients’ health,” Littleton said.

He added hospital personnel were working with the officials at the Grand Isle Shipyard, which employs the four injured workers, to make contact with workers’ families and could not release the workers’ names at this time.

Littleton said that as of Saturday afternoon, doctors were focused on stabilizing the workers’ airways, fighting infections with antibacterial dressings and replacing fluid lost to their burn injuries.

Littleton and other hospital officials declined to elaborate further on the patients’ conditions or their prognosis.

Baton Rouge General officials said they would be providing updates on the status of the burn victims online at www.brgeneral.org and at facebook/batonrougegeneral.

Anyone attempting to locate a loved one who may have been a victim of Friday’s explosion is asked to contact Black Elk Energy’s hotline at (281) 779-8459. Grand Isle Shipyard can be contacted at (985) 475-5238.