Letter: Keep tongue in cheek while you’re at the polls this fall

Voters should overwhelmingly re-elect Congressman Vance McAllister in the fall over his tryst because he exhibits the qualities a politician needs to successfully represent Louisiana in Washington. He has proven his honesty by readily admitting his infidelity with his aide and his humility by asking voters for forgiveness: two values we hold dear in Louisiana.

He is evidently adept at building relationships, an ability that will bode him well with his fellow members of Congress, or their wives, as the case may be. Finally, hiring staff members at public expense to accommodate a personal connection is an efficient use of government resources by providing a politician with readily accessible physical and moral support needed to sustain him through the rigors of a life in politics, especially when he is working so hard for his constituents back home. It is clear that voters have gotten more than they prayed for with Congressman McAllister and should therefore count their blessings.

Vince Bowers


New Orleans