Letter: Education key to building strong nation, individuals

As a fourth-grade student at an academy that requires excellence, I believe receiving an education can allow a person to make a difference by encouraging world peace as the best method of universal growth. An educated person can help others have more wisdom by allowing people to learn and develop a love for continued knowledge. Educated people can help information be given more clearly to everyone. Wise people can inspire others all over the world to stay in school, learn something every day and be the best a person can be!

Having an education can advance a person in careers such as fashion designing and teaching. Gaining an education can increase your vocabulary and allow people to speak with confidence and speak intellectually.

In most cases, when a person receives an education they can travel the world to spread knowledge to others.

It is important to educate yourself so you can maintain self-control, discipline and mental fortitude.

I will remain educated so I can be intelligent, well informed and studious. I believe everyone should be educated so they can be resourceful, well-rounded and imaginative. As one strong, united front, let’s continue to educate ourselves to strengthen our nation as a whole.

“Education is the most powerful weapon used to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela.

Kiersten Braddock

Fourth-grade student Christian Life Academy

Baton Rouge