Letter: It’s not TOPS; it’s jobs

A well-educated populace is more likely to be givers (taxpayers, homeowners) into the system then takers (social welfare, incarceration). TOPS gives every kid in Louisiana the chance for college and a gateway to the middle class, and maybe more.

The Legislature probably should spend more time coming up with ways to encourage small-business startups and bringing medium- and large-sized companies here so there will be opportunities post graduation in Louisiana. That will keep these kids in the state. The return on investment is staggering.

A middle class Louisiana family over 40 years of working at high-paying jobs will contribute many times more back to the state in income tax, sales tax and positive communities. The problem with the way it is now, we educate these children and many of the best and brightest move out of state for better economic opportunity. The problem is not the cost of TOPS, it is the what job opportunities are facing these graduates and where they can find employment. Let’s focus on that, then the cost of TOPS doesn’t seem so high.

P.J. Neal

emergency manager