Letter: Governors’ talk not worthwhile

It is hard to believe Stephanie Grace would write an article about the ex-governors conference at Loyola University.

First, it’s hard to believe Loyola would host such a ludicrous affair, and second, why would anyone find it interesting enough to report on it?

Buddy Roemer was totally incompetent, period. A large part of the Louisiana population would find any opinion he has on any subject worthless. Kathleen Blanco, who was governor in name only since Coach Raymond Blanco, her husband, was calling the shots for her, has only one defense for the mess she made of the state. Despite the billions and billions of dollars in money and resources President George Bush sent into the state after Hurricane Katrina, thinking the state government would know best how to allocate the resources, the public still got terribly short-changed.

And whose fault was it for all the problems that followed? Why, it’s George Bush and his staff, of course.

President Barack Obama may have gotten elected and re-elected by blaming Bush for any and every problem in America and the world, but I believe he may have gotten the idea to do so from Coach and his wife. So, here again, why would anyone want to hear Kathleen’s opinion on anything? And last, but certainly not least, we have Edwin Edwards, probably the most talented politician to ever come out of Louisiana (Sorry, Huey).

Only problem is, Edwards used all that talent only to make himself and his friends popular and wealthy. No matter how funny and clever and cute Edwards is, do we really want to listen to him talk about the future of the state after the harm he’s done?

Maybe the people up north in the state want him again, but most of us have really had enough of Edwards and his brand of politics.

Surely, Loyola can find three more worthwhile politicians in Louisiana to bring in for a discussion. Then again, since this is Louisiana, maybe they can’t.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge