Letter: Funding cuts hurt

Too often, changes in the federal budget lead to higher costs for consumers, something that senior citizens cannot afford. The costs involved with my Peoples Health Advantage plan are still reasonable right now. My fear is changes to our nation’s health care system and reductions to the Medicare Advantage program’s budget will change things. In fact, they already have.

Since Congress made massive cuts to Medicare Advantage a few years ago, many seniors have seen their out-of-pocket expenses rise and their benefits decrease. Fortunately, my co-payments have increased only a dollar or two, and I can handle that. However, if these increases keep coming, it may be different. I have had the plan for several years, and it’s working for me. The benefits are basically staying the same, and that’s the way I like it. Prior to enrolling in my Peoples Health plan, I had a Well Care Advantage plan that underwent some changes, which prompted me to switch plans. I don’t want to go through that again.

I worked hard in the aerospace industry before retiring, and I just want to maintain good health care coverage. I certainly hope that members of Congress will fight to preserve affordable health care for seniors like me. A good start is for them to protect Medicare Advantage from any further funding cuts.

Billy Brown

retired salesman