Letter: Legislature has its priorities straight

PHEW!!!! I will sleep so much better tonight, secure knowing that Louisiana’s finest, aka the state Legislature, got all the big issues taken care of up front.

It is of the utmost importance that every Tom, Dick and Boudreaux can now announce to the world how special they are on their license plate.

“Duck Dynasty,” be very afraid. I already have a huge following for the recall of the state fruit tree. We were rooting for the fig. Last, it appears our state government has redefined the word “glitch.” Come on people — it’s a “screwup,” not a glitch. Garbage in, garbage out. Computers 101.

It’s not a mistake that there were originally no limits on the time allowed for legislators to disclose personal finances. That’s how we, constituents, make sure our elected lawmakers are on the up-and-up.

I’m just thankful they got the difficult issues out of the way. These critical issues may not have gotten the legislative body’s full attention later on in the session.

Janis Irby