Letter: A real plan needed to revamp Jazzland

Regarding your recent story, “Fate of Jazzland still uncertain: Hurricane Katrina’s devastation is still seen all around New Orleans”:

When driving on I-10 toward New Orleans East, the shadow of Six Flags, formerly called Jazzland, looms over the highway. Its massive rides slowly decaying are stark reminders of the destruction of the hurricane. Once the site of happiness and enjoyment, Six Flags has now become a symbol of the city’s failure.

Members of the city review committee have been considering plans to revamp Six Flags or redevelop the property. Many proposals have been to rebuild a theme park, movie-production back-lot, water park and retail component on the site. Another plan is to construct a world shopping center.

The only problem the committee has is the credibility of the companies looking to take on these projects. Paidia Co. has been the only company to register for the project. However, their project financing is not as stable as the committee would like.

With only 90 percent of the funds necessary to tackle the project, many committee members are seeing holes in the plans that bring the funds necessary to only 50 percent.

Not having a sure plan raises the question of whether redeveloping the site would be financially beneficial.

Many are worried the revenue produced will not be enough to sustain the theme park. The city of New Orleans needs to redevelop the site of the now-decaying Six Flags.

If it is to move on from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the structures that can be seen for miles over the tree line must be redeveloped. These plans will add a much-needed source of revenue and attract tourists and native New Orleanians to an area of New Orleans that saw much destruction and has recently seen rebirth.

Carlos Rodriguez-Fierro


New Orleans