Letter: Consider Air Force veteran for Senate seat

Now is the time to check out the people who are running for our Louisiana U.S. Senate, the seat held by Sen. Mary Landrieu. We all know Mary, and most people that I know say, “Anyone but Mary.” We also know she has a large war chest (money).

Dr. Bill Cassidy is a U.S. representative in Louisiana; he, too, will have plenty of financial backing and is probably the better choice of the two for all of us. Then we also have another choice: This is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, one with much experience as a real leader.

Col. Rob Maness served his country for 32 years, beginning as a teenager, then rising through the ranks to the top as a colonel. He knows men and the military. Had he stayed in the Air Force, his next promotion would have been brigadier general. Col. Maness lives in New Orleans, has a farm and manages 50-bed health care facilities.

If you are looking for someone, as I am, someone most capable for this high position, someone that’s not a paid-for politician, please take a close look at Col. Maness. Look closely at the person, their record, a record to be proud of, not the one with the most money, political influence. If Col. Maness’ name can get out there, I am sure he will get the military, past and present support and all others who are wanting a change for better government.

Jack L. Daniels

retired military officer