Letter: Children don’t respect authority, need discipline

After reading the recent article regarding “Teacher jailed, accused of yanking boy’s shirt,” I thought, “Why would anyone want to teach in public schools?” The answer, I believe, is pretty simple — because the teachers love the students and love what they do. But they pay a great price to do what they love, since the government has taken charge of public schools and has removed prayer and anything that represents God and his son, Jesus Christ.

Our schools have become nothing more than a haven for crime, rape, bullying, sex, guns, drugs, terror and abuse from students. If parents would discipline children at home, teachers wouldn’t have to contend with unruly and disrespectful children — especially when teachers cannot discipline for legal reasons.

And let me say, as a black man, this is more prevalent among our black students than white students. That is not to say that only black students have these kind of issues. But they are, in fact, more prevalent among our students; we as a people should own up to that. And this is not to say that all black parents do not discipline, but far too many are ready to put teachers at a disadvantage when their children are at fault.

Now, I am 60 years old, but can remember when I was in grade school right here in Baton Rouge. My mother took me to school and said, “His name is Carl Lee Brown, and if he gives you any trouble, you have my permission to whip his butt, then let me know about it.”

Whenever they would, my mother disciplined me when I got home.

Also, I remember when little boys would get into trouble with the teacher, the janitor would be called. They would take us to the boiler room and return us with a different attitude, if you know what I mean. It did not cause any social or psychological problems.

I must say, I am the man I am today because of that type of parental discipline, as well as supervision and discipline at school. Parents, it’s up to us to discipline our children, so they can respect the teachers and all authority at schools and public places. Kids today do not even respect the police or any authority.

We need to apologize to our teachers and understand the hardship they face in trying to teach in this kind of environment, which is not the proper environment for learning anyway. It should not be the government’s job to raise our children. When are we parents going to rise up and take responsibility for the children we are responsible for?

Carl Brown


Baton Rouge