Letter: USA not a police force for the world

I don’t know about the positions of my fellow Americans but, I for one, am tired of the USA being at war with somebody all the time. We need to stop being the world’s police force and, instead, solve the problems we have here at home.

NAFTA and CAFTA, the brainchilds of Reagan and Clinton (I believe) have ruined the employment picture for a lot of Americans. They are simply bad for the USA. That’s my first bone to pick with big government. “Beware of big government,” said many of our Founding Fathers.

Now, the president is outraged by Crimea opting to rejoin Russia. We, the country that has meddled in more countries’ affairs, overthrown democratically elected presidents, set up puppet rulers (the Shah of Iran for one) started wars on false information (Thank ya, G. Dubya Bush) than any other country in history is, once again, butting in where it has no business.

I voted for Obama, but that was to keep John McCain from getting my vote. If he had his way, World War III would already be over, and we’d all be encased in a still-cooling, glass casket. But Obama is as big a moron as Bush is.

Our leadership in the good old USA has totally lost sight of reality in so many ways. Meddling in other countries’ affairs is just one of them. Your constitutional rights is another.

If the Crimeans elect to secede from their country, so be it. Leave it alone. It’s none of our business.

Remember when the South tried to secede from the Union? War was the end result. Now that we have enough nuclear weapons to destroy everyone on Earth, is it wise to keep on meddling? I think not. But that’s just my opinion.

John Clark

field engineer

Baton Rouge